EXO Suho's past revealed
EXO Suho's past revealed
Group EXO member and actor Suho is leading the JTBC Saturday-Sunday drama 'Hip-Hope' with his impressive performance.

Suho plays the role of Kim Seon-woo, a mysterious and handsome convenience store part-time worker in the currently airing show 'Hip-Hope', and is thrilling viewers with his acting that maximizes the swirling plot.

In last week's broadcast, Kim Seon-woo responded to Mun Sang-yeol (played by Lee Min-ki), who gave an alibi but did not believe it, in a surprisingly sharp tone, saying, "I'm trying to kill people. Is this what you want to hear?", heightening the tension with a tense confrontation that took people's breath away.

Additionally, Kim Seon-woo is suspected of being a serial killer due to his involvement in a series of murder scenes. Among these, when she was young, she resented her mother for leaving her behind, but now she confesses her true feelings to Bong Ye-bun (played by Han Ji-min), saying that she just misses her, and also created a heart-warming scene where she received sincere consolation, drawing attention.

In this process, Su-ho exudes a solid presence that does not fall behind even in the sharp psychological battle with Moon Mun-yeol, and expresses the character's complex inner self in detail, from his unintelligible eyes to his affectionate appearance toward Bong Ye-bun, touching the hearts of the viewers. It's getting rave reviews.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google