Shin Se-kyung, her face and performance are three-dimensional
Shin Se-kyung, her face and performance are three-dimensional
Actress Shin Se-kyung (EDAM Entertainment) proved to be a key character in the work and played a good role as the ending fairy.

In the tvN Saturday-Sunday drama <The Sword of Aramun> (written by Kim Young-hyun, Park Sang-yeon, directed by Kim Gwang-sik, and produced by Studio Dragon KPJ), which aired at 9:20 pm on the 17th, Shin Se-kyung ended up playing the role of 'Tanya', who recognizes Jang Dong-gun (playing the role of Tagon) as the second coming of Aramun. ' I was furious.

On this day's broadcast, Shin Se-kyung surprisingly confirmed the writing hidden inside the clothing during the final inspection of preparations for the successor ceremony. Prince Arok, who was designated as Jang Dong-gun's successor, was kidnapped. Shin Se-kyung ordered the Daesinjeon to be blockaded and all the clothing and vestments to be captured, and she realized that it was connected to the heart of White Mountain.

Next, I quickly understood that Aramun did not recognize their doctrine of Igt and that they were saying that they were doing the succession ceremony to someone who was not Igt. In addition to the mystery, scenes where Shin Se-kyung's 'spiritual ability' shines also caught the attention of viewers.

Although she was imprisoned in the Great Temple, she tried to use her spiritual powers to find the prince, and made Kim Ok-bin (played by Taealha), who did not believe her, hear the voice of her heart. I encountered Lee Jun-gi (played by Eunseom/Saya) and Song Yoo-taek (played by Park Ryang-pung) at the training site of the Jegwan, which was said to have been closed down a long time ago, and was shocked to learn that it was Aramun's tomb. Shin Se-kyung opened the sarcophagus with Lee Jun-gi according to Arthdal's old prophecy and mission. As prophesied, Shin Se-kyung realized that Eunseom-in Lee Jun-gi was Aramun and persuaded him. Shin Se-kyung said, “A mountain of corpses! River of blood! People cry! “Is that right?” He emphasized that he had a responsibility to prevent war.

At the end of the play, the tension that reached its peak with Shin Se-kyung's appearance continued to be tense. Shin Se-kyung appeared waving stardrops at a time when Tagon and his group were in the greatest danger, and the numerous crowds that followed her also created a spectacle by waving the stardrop bracelets they had been given. She finally acknowledged the doctrine of the Heart of the White Mountain, referring to the Supreme God Aeruz and exclaiming, “Aramun of Hasla has come to Igth!”

Shin Se-kyung said, “After regaining the power and originality of Aramun, Airuz granted Arthdal’s successors the most sacred Borapi of Aramun as proof of eternal blessings,” creating an atmosphere of cheers and blessings amid the chaos. made. The recognition of the doctrine of Shin Se-kyung, who was revered as the high priest and the second coming of Asa, signaled that the work had entered a new phase. Although blood was shed fiercely to hide the identity of Igut, the situation was witnessed to turn around with a single word from Shin Se-kyung. Jang Dong-gun looked dejected. It ended with a tense confrontation between Shin Se-kyung, who had suddenly grown into a powerful figure in Arthdal, and Jang Dong-gun, the king, making people look forward to the next episode.

Shin Se-kyung's appearance is also three-dimensional rather than fragmentary and passive, increasing the sense of immersion. While the work is gaining strength in viewership ratings thanks to the solid story and good performances of the actors in each episode, Shin Se-kyung also captured the hearts of viewers with her independent female lead character.

Meanwhile, <Sword of Aramun>, in which Shin Se-kyung is appearing, airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:20 pm.

Ryu Yae-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google