Park Na-rae and Kim Sook also gave up, “I can’t get used to it.”
Park Na-rae and Kim Sook also gave up, “I can’t get used to it.”
Hibab gives a strange taste review after tasting pufferfish dish for the first time.

In 'I Like Rice on Saturdays', which will be broadcast on the 9th, Hibab's shy reaction to trying various puffer fish dishes for the first time will be revealed.

On this day's broadcast, Tobabs members visit Jecheon and order a variety of dishes for breakfast, including raw fish, boiled puffer fish, fried puffer fish, and fresh puffer fish stew. Hibab expressed his anticipation for new food, saying, “I’ve only had clear stew twice, but I’ve never had puffer fish sashimi.”

Hyun Joo-yeop, a member of Ssanghips, said, "Actually, blowfish is a luxury food. It is not a food that is easily accessible," and Hibab laughed, "For some reason, my dad didn't take it." Park Na-rae reveals the reason why her father could not buy a puffer fish for Hibab, saying, “The price of pufferfish is too high for you (Hibab).”

Before the main dish appears, various side dishes appear in order, and Tobabs prepares to welcome the puffer fish with seasoned puffer skin. Hibab, who encountered the deep soup of puffer fish soup filled with puffer milt for the first time, expressed satisfaction, saying, "The moment I ate it, I could hear the sound of Buddhist scriptures in my ears. It's food that makes me feel pious."

After feasting on the precious wild puffer fish and puffer fish, Tobabs tastes fried puffer fish and sashimi sashimi, which are fried in a batter with magpie puffer meat. Hibab regretted his stomach, saying, "I was introduced to pufferfish by being too strong. It's a big problem."

The final dish of puffer fish is boiled puffer fish. The boiled puffer fish made with magpie fish, which has small thorns all over its shell, had a somewhat unfamiliar texture to the Tobabs members except Hyun Joo-yeop. Even Park Na-rae and Kim Sook expressed their unfamiliarity, saying, “It feels like it’s my first time eating it,” and “I’m definitely not familiar with the bumpy texture.”

Hibab, a heavenly foodie, takes a bite of a small part of the skin and makes people laugh by saying an odd expression of the taste, saying, "It tastes like eating it with dad's beard cut off." Unlike the members who could not get used to the texture of the skin, Hippo Hyun Joo-yeop shows off the aspect of a 'bok expert' by picking out only the skin and tasting it.

The Tobabs members' 4 restaurant recruitment stories, who went to Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do and participated in a real food recruitment mukbang, can be seen on the T-Cast E channel at 5 pm on the 9th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google