Jin Seon-gyu, who killed Kang Ki-young, became absolutely evil
Jin Seon-gyu, who killed Kang Ki-young, became absolutely evil
Counters, who completed One Team, is left with only the summoning of Jin Seon-gyu, the ultimate evil.

In the 11th episode of tvN's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Uncanny Rumors 2: Counter Punch', which aired on the 2nd, the end game between Counters and Ma Joo-seok was finally unfolded in a spectacular manner amid the conflict between Counters over the summons of Ma Joo-seok (played by Jin Seon-gyu).

Currently, Ma Joo-seok has become completely evil by killing the evil spirit Hwang Pil-gwang (played by Kang Ki-young) and absorbing all his powers. In order to become the top predator, he is aiming to absorb the power of rumors (played by Jo Byeong-gyu). Not only was it impossible to catch complete evil with the power of the ground, but the location of the counter was read through the ground, so a crisis in which Counters, not evil spirits, had to avoid the ground was just around the corner.

In the end, Counters fell into confusion after receiving a new special order from Jung: "There is only one guideline from Jung regarding complete evil: kill them immediately upon confirmation." Among these, the rumor is that the Counter's job is not only to catch evil spirits. It is our job to safely send the souls of innocent people who are captured by evil spirits to Jung, etc., and so on, failing to accept Jung's instructions and summoning Ma Joo-seok. insisted. On the other hand, Ga Mo-tak (played by Yoo Jun-sang) argued, "If we don't stop Ma Joo-seok, there will be more victims. We can't take any more risks. This is not giving up, it's a choice."

The conflict between the rumors and the counters deepened, and the rumors said, "What if we still don't know the status of Ma Ma-seok? What if Ma-ju-seok hasn't been completely encroached upon by Hwang Pil-gwang? There might still be a chance. I can't give up like this. With the words, "I do it," and with the help of Do Ha-na (played by Kim Se-jeong), he entered the inner world of the evil spirit Ma Joo-seok. Afterwards, So-moon was suddenly attacked by Hwang Pil-gwang with the warning, "How dare you crawl in here?", and at that moment, Ma Joo-seok's voice said, "So-moon, you have to get out. It's time. Get out quickly," and at the same time, a voice came through the darkness. His life was barely saved through light. Accordingly, rumors repeatedly called for the summoning of the demon Ma Ma-seok, but Jung expressed his firm stance, saying, “The sacrifice we have to make is too great to rely on that small possibility.”

In the midst of this, a situation arose where the conflict between Counters and Sorum deepened. Ga Mo-tak, who received a tip-off call, raided Ma Joo-seok's hideout with his partner Hanul (played by Lee Kyung-min), and this was Ma Joo-seok's trap to attract Counters. Gamotak fought back by shooting Majuseok, but in front of Majuseok, both the gun and Gamotak's superpowers were useless, turning Majuseok into a complete evil. In the end, Ma Tak's anger reached its peak as Ma Joo-seok took Han-ul's life. In the end, Ga Mo-tak decides to kill the evil spirit Ma Joo-seok. He blocked the rumor by saying, "We still have a chance. A chance to save everyone by summoning. Maybe it was because of Uncle Seok's will that he escaped safely." But Ga Mo-tak said, "Now I do it my way." “I’m going to kill that guy,” he said angrily.

However, as rumored, it was confirmed that Ma Joo-seok's soul was not completely consumed by Hwang Pil-gwang. Hanul, who was thought to be dead, was able to save his life thanks to Ma Joo-seok's will. At the same time, Do Hana's warm encouragement saying, "Who else would do it if not us to summon complete evil?" moved Gamotak's heart and made him look forward to the Counters, who have become stronger after the conflict, and the exhilarating final blow they will show. At the end of the play, Counters faced a crisis. The tension reached its peak as Ma Joo-seok raided Counters' hideout.

In particular, there were only Chu Mae-ok (played by Yeom Hye-ran), Na Jeok-bong (played by Yoo In-su), and Choi Jang-mul (played by Ahn Seok-hwan) in the hideout, and Choi Jang-mul used the opportunity to lure Ma Joo-seok to the two people and pressed the self-destruct device and ran away. He shouted. However, the three people's lives were in danger when their location was revealed to Ma Joo-seok, and just in time, a rumor stopped Ma Joo-seok and made him sweat. With a sense of duty and responsibility to protect Counters, Somun was prepared to fight with Ma Joo-seok blood-and-blood, but the power of the complete evil Ma Joo-seok was beyond imagination. At a desperate moment when So-moon's life was at stake, Counters opened the firewall door of the hideout and saved So-moon. Gamotak said, "Change of strategy. Now it's a summons," and gave Sorum his hand, and Sorum, with a solemn expression, strengthened his resolve and said, "I have never given up from the beginning until now."

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google