Announcer Kim Dae-ho says, "I want to retire quickly."
Announcer Kim Dae-ho says, "I want to retire quickly."
Announcer Kim Dae-ho enjoyed camping on Ulleungdo.

On MBC's 'I Live Alone' (hereinafter referred to as 'I Live Alone'), which aired on the afternoon of the 1st, Kim Dae-ho went on a trip to Ulleungdo.

Dae-ho Kim went out to check the last listing, No. 4. Because it was a place where people lived until recently, the interior was in good condition and the structure was unique. The sale price was 260 million won, which was within the desired budget of 300 million won, but Dae-ho Kim worried, saying, “It’s a bit burdensome to think about remodeling,” and “It’s not easy.”

On this day, Dae-ho Kim went into a lottery store and purchased a lottery ticket. Kim Dae-ho expressed his desire, saying, "I searched about Ulleungdo and found that four people won first prize at a lottery store."

Kim Dae-ho expressed his greed by saying, "I have rented a house and there is a property I like, so all I need is money. Let's make money through lottery." Kim Dae-ho, who purchased 100,000 won worth of lottery tickets, went to the large tree behind the lottery store, prayed, and received good energy. When the Rainbow members in the studio asked how much they won, Kim Dae-ho replied, "It was 5,000 won," and Jeon Hyun-moo said, "Hit it," making everyone laugh.

Kim Dae-ho, who headed to the Ulleungdo fishing ground, packed Dokdo shrimp, squid, etc. and headed to the camping site. Daeho Kim pitched the tent and took out the cooking utensils. I made squid sundae by scooping out the inside of frozen dumplings, putting them inside the squid body, and putting them in a steamer.

We prepared Dokdo shrimp and set the table with bibim noodles and raw squid. Kim Dae-ho opened the makgeolli, drank a glass, and then began to eat the food. Kian84, who saw Kim Dae-ho being more serious about food, said, "I didn't intend to buy a house in the first place," and pointed out Kim Dae-ho's attitude, making people laugh.

It started raining while cooking, but Kim Dae-ho didn't care and shouted, "Even the rain is delicious." Kim Dae-ho collected Dokdo shrimp heads, fried them, and ate them. Even Key whetted his appetite, saying, “I want to eat something here.” When Kim Dae-ho entered the tent, saying, “Now I have to go for the second round,” the Rainbow members envied him, saying, “It would be so nice.”

The next morning, Dae-ho Kim woke up and greeted the morning while looking at the endless sea. Dae-ho Kim, who had a drink and chatted with a couple who came to the camping site the night before, said that he promised to officiate at the couple's wedding. Kim Dae-ho mentioned the wedding date, saying, “This is also our fate, so we just need to adjust the schedule, so we promised.” When Jeon Hyun-moo asked, “Do you know what these people do?” Kim Dae-ho responded, “I don’t remember everything either,” making everyone laugh.

Kim Dae-ho went to the sea and spent time playing in the water. Kim Dae-ho, who was hungry due to the rough sea waves, boiled porridge with ramen soup and scorched rice. Since I didn't have any chopsticks, I followed Lee Jang-woo's advice and picked up two tree branches to make chopsticks.

When Kian84 asked, "When do you plan to retire and go to Ulleungdo?" Daeho Kim responded, "I want to retire quickly. I want to do it within 15 to 20 years." In response, Jeon Hyun-moo made people laugh by pointing out, "Then you're in your 60s. You're doing this when others are retiring."

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google