Eric Nam has aged rapidly, “He looks like a grandfather”
Eric Nam has aged rapidly, “He looks like a grandfather”
Kim Soo-mi really felt the spicy taste of running a Korean restaurant.

In T-Cast E Channel's 'Execute Sumi: Try Me Now' (hereinafter referred to as 'Try Me Now'), which aired on the 31st, an eventful day unfolded for Kim Soo-mi, the owner of Sumi Korean Restaurant, which began operations in earnest, and its employees. From nervous first-time delivery customers to group customers visiting the restaurant, Kim Soo-mi showed a non-stop mukbang while falling in love with the Korean food she cooked.

'Delivery Bros' Min Woo-hyuk and Jeong-hyeok, who set out for the delivery area under pressure from owner Kim Soo-mi, expressed their inner joy when they remembered the group of customers entering the restaurant. Min Woo-hyuk and Jeong-hyeok, who burst into laughter with their clever imitation of Kim Soo-mi's vocal chords, enjoyed their moment of freedom to the fullest.

The two people who arrived at the delivery area 20 minutes after the promised time, made a huge mistake by missing their chopsticks during their first delivery and fell into a panic. The two barely overcame the crisis and used all their limited English skills to introduce Dongchimi noodles and potato pancakes, drawing a satisfactory response from the guests. In particular, Jeong Hyeok's egg roll, which he completed after a lot of hard work, received favorable reviews and made Jeong Hyuk proud.

While 'Delivery Bros' Min Woo-hyuk and Jeong Hyeok were having trivial conversations with customers and even setting their hair, 'Sumi Korean Restaurant' fell into chaos. Welcoming a group of guests in the beginning with no prepared food. The owner, Kim Soo-mi, who was very nervous due to the influx of orders from customers, called Eric Nam incessantly and revealed his hidden true nature, making him burst into laughter.

While Dongchimi noodles and potato pancakes both perfectly suited the taste buds of customers, a customer also attracted attention by offering unlimited refills of flounder sikhae, which had raised concerns among employees. A bright smile appeared on Kim Soo-mi's face as she saw the customers enjoying the food that even Koreans liked and disliked.

As the number of customers gradually decreased, Kim Soo-mi, who summoned Dong-taenun, and other physically depleted employees began to spread out all over the restaurant. 'Delivery Bros' Min Woo-hyuk and Jeong Hyeok, who arrived late, rolled their eyes to understand the situation, and Seo Hyo-rim, who saw them, took control of the atmosphere of the scene with a lion's hooves comparable to her mother-in-law Kim Soo-mi.

Eric Nam, who had been tormented by Kim Soo-mi's calls saying, "He has come," also felt betrayed by the two. Unlike in the morning, Kim Soo-mi, who saw his face suddenly becoming crooked, said, “I have become a grandfather,” and said that he looked more like my older brother than him, giving an idea of the difficult day. Eric Nam, who heard this, expressed his ambition and said, “I will be the captain here,” making everyone laugh.

After completing an eventful first business, they began making all preparations for a successful second business, including checking the system and purchasing ingredients. In particular, starting from the second day of business, a business trip service will be introduced, raising expectations as CEO Kim Soo-mi will personally deliver the food. Accordingly, I wonder whether ‘Sumi Korean Restaurant’’s first catering will be a successful success.

The conclusion of the unique delivery service personally dispatched by Korean food master Kim Soo-mi can be seen on 'Excuse Me: Let's catch it first', which will be broadcast at 8:40 pm on September 7th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google