'3rd year of marriage' Jang Dong-min "Worrying about each room with my wife, the exact opposite of my ideal type"
'3rd year of marriage' Jang Dong-min "Worrying about each room with my wife, the exact opposite of my ideal type"
On the 29th, the SBS variety show 'Take Off Your Shoes, Dolsing For Man' features snipers Jang Dong-min, Solbi, and Kim Sae-rom from 'Dolsing For Man'.

'Doll Sing For Man' shows a state of alert in a state of nervousness when the outspoken talkers appear, and fights from the start to bring out laughter. In particular, Jang Dong-min, who has been married for 3 years, reveals the unexpected side of his wife, saying, "My wife is the exact opposite of the ideal type I have dreamed of for over 40 years." Also, even though he is a newlywed, he surprises everyone by revealing, "I have been thinking about whether I can use a separate room with my wife."

Kim Sae-rom makes a surprise remark, "I'm not solo right now," and makes everyone super-focused. Sae-rom Kim, a lover of love, introduces flirting methods beyond imagination, such as diamond flirting and pearl flirting, saying 'you shouldn't stop dating'. In response, 'Doll Sing For Man' shows a fluttering appearance, saying, 'I have a real sense'. Solbi makes people laugh by revealing her various selves, saying, "During a relationship, five identities such as a devil and an angel come out."

The childhood of the three people, who were different from the cotyledon, is also revealed. Jang Dong-min makes people laugh by revealing an unbelievable anecdote saying that he was extremely popular during his school days. In response, Solbi suddenly starts a popular battle, saying, "I came to the motorcycle unit to see me." In the end, it is rumored that the scene was devastated by Solbi's boasting of the greatest popularity of all time, saying, "I have never stepped on the ground with my feet."

In addition to this, the laughable episode of Jang Dong-min, who served a shaman for a year, will be revealed. 'Doll Sing For Man' will be broadcast at 9:00 pm on the same day.

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google