Bae Yoon-jung's ex-husband, Jerome, goes straight after awakening
Bae Yoon-jung's ex-husband, Jerome, goes straight after awakening
Ricky and Harim of MBN's 'Doll Singles 4' overcame a long distance that took 3 hours by plane to confirm their feelings for each other.

In the 6th episode of 'Doll Singles 4', which aired on the 27th, Dolsing House from the United States, Dewey, Ricky, Benita, Sora, Jerome, Jimmy, Jisoo, Tom, Harim, and Heejin gathered at the Dolsing House in Cancun, Mexico, the holy land of honeymoon. After revealing all of their residence areas, they were drawn to approach each other more actively.

The broadcast on this day recorded an audience rating of 3.1% (based on the second part of Nielsen Korea pay-TV households). It ranked 5th in the Top 10 non-drama TV search responses for the 3rd week of August compiled by Good Data Corporation, and Harim ranked 3rd in the Top 10 keywords for non-drama search issues.

In the last broadcast, while 10 single men and women were going on a one-on-one random date, it was revealed that Jimmy lives in New York and Sora lives in San Francisco. Afterwards, Heejin, who started dating Dewey, carefully confessed, "I live in Vancouver, Canada, not the United States." Heejin laughed, saying, "I received an application to appear in the US episode of 'Doll Singles', so I sent a heartfelt story, saying, 'I live in Vancouver, which is only a two-hour drive from Seattle.'"

Then, Dewey responded, "I also lived in Vancouver before coming to LA, where I currently live. I recently obtained permanent residency in Canada," forming a strong consensus. Jisoo and Tom also revealed where they live during their date, and Jisoo said "I am LA", to which Tom replied "Las Vegas". Marvelous at the fact that they live in the next state, the two ended their date in a friendly atmosphere. Jerome and Benita, who had a crush on each other, showed off their tikitaka throughout the date.

However, both of them emphasized that “long-distance dating is difficult” before dating, but after a while, Benita said, “I live in Grandale, LA,” to the mission to reveal the area. Then Jerome was delighted, saying, "I'm from Anaheim." After confirming that they were living 30 minutes away by car, the two gave a high five, and in the car on the way back, Jerome confessed, "I knew it was your scent from the time I picked out the perfume with my belongings," which made Benita smile.
Bae Yoon-jung's ex-husband, Jerome, goes straight after awakening
Bae Yoon-jung's ex-husband, Jerome, goes straight after awakening
On the other hand, Harim and Ricky, who sparked a spark toward each other in the last broadcast, had a mental breakdown when Harim said, "I live in Seattle," and made him feel that it was a long distance. Ricky said, “I live in Orange County, California,” and announced that it is a three-hour flight from Seattle. However, Harim assured Ricky, "The time difference is the same, what a long distance it is," and "I wouldn't have a problem if you lived in New York."

After a romantic meal, Ricky and Harim stood up and held hands and confirmed their feelings again. Finally, while holding hands, they slowly walked to the Dolsing House, giving them a foreboding of the birth of the first couple. After all the dates were over, the 10 people who completed finding out where each other lived had a 'poles' night. Jimmy, who is from New York, aggressively said, “My feelings for you have not changed” even after learning that Heejin, the person he is interested in, lives in Vancouver, 4800 km away.

However, to Jimmy's question, "What do you think of me?", Heejin answered vaguely, "I'm a grateful person now", evoking a mixed reaction from 5MC, "I like it or not?" On the other hand, Jisoo, who had a crush on Jimmy, watched the one-on-one conversation between Jimmy and Heejin, fell into a mental breakdown, and talked to her mother on the phone. At the same time, Ji-soo was upset and shed tears to her mother, saying, "There is no one I want to know anymore."

Ricky and Harim continued their conversation until 4 am and whispered pushes. Ricky expressed his warm heart to Harim, saying, "I want to hug you." At the same time, Dewey visited Harim himself after hearing that Harim, who had expressed a crush on him the day before, had changed his mind to Ricky. Afterwards, when he found out that her heart had completely cooled down, he went to visit Jisoo, who was his first crush. Dewey said, "I'm giving you a signal," and dashed at Jisu recklessly.

Jisoo circumspectly refused, saying, “I think there will be a big cultural difference because we have different backgrounds from which we grew up.” On the other hand, Jerome focused on karaoke time, not noticing Benita's desire to talk with him more after the local release. Disappointed, Benita had a one-on-one conversation with Tom, and Benita complained, "I'm interested in Jerome, but he's not active with me."

The next morning, Jerome woke up to Benita, who had grown cold towards him, and made a firm resolution, "I'll try to do it properly from now on." Afterwards, he went to Benita and said, "Can I make an appointment for a one-on-one date today? Let's hold hands and stamp together."

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google