Jo Byeong-gyu out of coma, saved Kim Se-jeong... Kang Ki-young swallowed Kim Hi-eo
Jo Byeong-gyu out of coma, saved Kim Se-jeong... Kang Ki-young swallowed Kim Hi-eo
tvN's 'Wonderful Rumors 2' Jo Byung-gyu escaped from the coma in the complete faith of Counters and predicted the performance of the complete group.

The 9th episode of tvN's 'Wonderful Rumors 2: Counter Punch', which aired on the 26th, was the ending where Do Hana (Kim Se-jeong) hunted the evil Gelli (Kim Hee-ra) and rumors (Cho Byeong-gyu) escaped the coma and saved Do Hana. presented With only three episodes remaining until the end in the midst of a storm that can not slow down the tension even for a moment, 'Wonderful Rumors 2' is heading towards the climax.

As rumors fell into a coma, Wigen (Moon Sook) also faced a crisis as he was trapped in Jung's white ground. In the meantime, when Pil-gwang (played by Kang Ki-young), who ran out of anger over ruining the plan, tried to kill Gelly, Counters said, "We have to stop it. The moment he eats that woman's soul, he will become stronger.” However, due to the absence of rumors of ace, Counters began to be pushed back by the demons, Ma Ma Seok-seok (played by Jin Seon-gyu) and Pil-gwang. and averted the crisis.

In the meantime, the only way for the rumor to get out of the coma was to meet Wigen and sign a counter contract again. It was when rumors woke up from a coma as a child, but it was impossible to restore because the memories of rumors had completely disappeared.

To make matters worse, the rumors refused to wake up on their own, embarrassing the Counters. Rumors spread to Dohana, who came looking for her, “Don’t come! If you come next to me, you will all die”, followed by the burden that you have to endure because you are the ace of Counters, and the guilt of not being able to protect Counters from the evil Guiz, hiding deep inside yourself. In response, Chu Mae-ok (played by Yeom Hye-ran) said, “Is there a child with a strong will as our rumor? It's a rumor that arose every time we all tried to sit down. Both Wigen and rumors will definitely come back,” revealing a strong belief in rumors.

In response, Counters said, “I have to show it to Somun. We are not the existence that rumors have to protect, but that we can protect rumors” to prevent the evil that is getting worse day by day and to save rumors, the summoning of the evil spirit Gelli and the CEO of Baekdu Planning & Construction Lee Choong-jae (played by Kim Hyeon-jun) went on an arrest Afterwards, Gamo-tak (played by Yu Jun-sang) and Chu Mae-ok prevented Choong-jae Lee from smuggling while trying to escape abroad, and Dohana hid herself in a container while fighting Gelli, which was Dohana's trap to trap Gelli. In a dark container with only darkness, Dohana and Gelli had an extreme death match in which they had to fight an invisible enemy, and Dohana said, “How does it feel to be in the dark? You thought the darkness was on your side all along, right? No, there is no place for you in neither the light nor the darkness.

At that time, the solidarity between Pil-gwang and Maju-seok faced a crisis of division. Ma Ma Seok said, "Was the rumor rumored to be the power you wanted? using me? You and I are on different paths," he said, announcing that he would part ways with Pil-gwang, and Pil-gwang revealed his desire for greater power, saying, "Now I have to eat even them." In particular, Pil-gwang said to Gelli, who lost the deathmatch with Dohana, “Did you end up being beaten by them? Did you ruin all of my plans just to do that? Above all, as Pil-gwang covets the power of the masu stone and dreams of becoming the top predator, the curiosity and tension about what his next move will be is heightened.

Along with this, at the end of the play, Dohana entered his inner world to save the rumor that was in a coma again. However, the rumors were still haunted by the illusion that the evil spirits Ji Cheong-sin (played by Lee Hong-nae), Pil-gwang, and Gelli, and the counters were all dead. In response, Dohana conveyed precious memories of Counters together to rumors and said, “You are not alone. I believe in the times we had together,” he said, trying to calm the shaky heart of the rumor, but he was unsteady. Eventually, the memory of the rumor was converted to the scene of her parents' accident before falling into a coma. In particular, at the desperate moment when a truck ran towards the two with a horn, rumors escaped from the coma and at the same time saved Dohana with telekinesis, sweeping the hearts of viewers.

Afterwards, the rumor shed tears, saying, “Is everyone really waiting for me?” If you're having a hard time too, tell me. we can protect you too They are family,” he warmly comforted them. Afterwards, the energy of the aurora-colored earth enveloped the entire room, and at the same time, the rumor finally opened its eyes and cheered the home theater. Now, with only two demon hunting left for Counters, the curiosity about the remaining 3 episodes is further amplified.

Jiye Choi, staff reporter at TenAsia translated by google