Eunbi Kwon, you're good at cursing
Eunbi Kwon, you're good at cursing
A new fake reality entertainment produced by LG U+'s 'STUDIO X+U', a monster-level producing 'Alien Ho Hui-hyo' started auditioning for a real label with special guests who heated up social media.

In 'Alien Ho Hwi-hyo', which was released on the 23rd, YouTuber 'Agariator' appeared in front of Lee Jin-ho X Huimin X Dawn wearing a pink 'ENFP' T-shirt. Agariter, who has a strong visual, suggested that we shoot shorts with Huimin X Dawn, saying, "Shouldn't this place also be promoted like AOMG?" The members of 'Ho Hwi-hyo' showed interest and responded, and Dawn even showed off a warm accompanying dance. In the meantime, the label's mascot dog 'Haetnim' stepped up to check, and Agarita made the members embarrassed by saying "I'm sorry" and leaving quickly.

Then, 'New Jeans Grandpa', who garnered attention for busking with the rhythm, appeared in a Pikachu T-shirt and stole attention. During the dazzling performance, Dawn suddenly put on a hoodie and burst into tears. Dawn said of the New Jeans grandpa, “Actually, he was a hyung who used to train together.” “We were originally in the same debut group. He was the leader of the debut group,” shockingly revealed. When New Jeans Grandpa passionately sang Ive's 'I Am', Dawn gave up and sat down, saying "I... I don't think it will work". In response, New Jeans Grandpa said, “Hyojong, do you think you can survive in this tough entertainment world with that kind of mentality? Be alert!

And somehow, the 'Waterbomb Goddess' Eunbi from IZ*ONE who mistook the audition for 'Hohwihyo' as the 'Miss Chunhyang Contest' appeared, saying, "I came because I wanted to be recognized for my visuals." When Eunbi Kwon showed the dance she had prepared, Jinho Lee was not pleased with Eunbi Kwon's skill, saying, "I think that mouth was a little better." In addition, Lee Jin-ho said, "The dance line doesn't suit us. We want ‘Ding-Ding-Dang-Dang-Dang’” and asked for the choreography for the ‘Ding-Ding-Dang-Dang-Dang’ challenge.

In response, Kwon Eun-bi tried to appeal once again, but continued rejection and Lee Jin-ho's comment, "I'm going to run only local events after a few broadcasts?" It's really absurd," he said, turning his back and leaving. Behind Kwon Eun-bi, Lee Jin-ho shouted, "Don't come back!", and Kwon Eun-bi said, "Don't come, you new X!"

After Eunbi Kwon, BJ Yarumi and YouTuber Deokja, who mistook it for a talent and announcer test, showed off their talent to the fullest. Yarumi said, “Untititutu bra, what kind of bra today! Guess it, guess it!”, causing laughter with the shocking lyrics and choreography. In response to the continued provocation (?) of the two women, Dawn closed her eyes tightly and declared 'give up sight', and Lee Jin-ho said, "It is forbidden to date while active. You shouldn't react to bewitch the opposite sex like that," he warned. In response, Yarumi said, “I will go out confidently. I'm going to seduce another man,” and left with Deokja, and Lee Jin-ho said, “Thank you. I went out on my own,” he said with a mixed greeting.

Meanwhile, Lee Jin-ho, who secretly hid Huimin's watch in a hamburger bag and went to a second-hand transaction, met rapper Heo Seong-hyun, the runner-up of 'Show Me the Money 11'. Heo Seong-hyun was chosen by Lee Jin-ho for his elegant rapping skills, saying, "Twice the joy~ Get it for 20,000 won!" When Heo Seong-hyun introduced himself to the members, “My rap name is ‘Huh’ because I am Heo,” Huimin and Dawn said, “I don’t like names. Let’s name it once,” he said, and started naming it on the spot. Lee Jin-ho said, “Huh? Heo Youngji? How about Heo Young-ji?” Dawn replied, “Heo Gak?”, making Heo Seong-hyun collapse while laughing.

Afterwards, the four of them left the room and found Son Dong-pyo, a member of the idol group 'Future Boy', dancing outside the living room. Son Dong-pyo, who is full of confidence, introduced himself briefly and said, “I am more than a fan. omg! I think I'm going to be 'deoksa'! This feeling? Lee Jin-ho, who saw Son Dong-pyo's dance saying, "I can't fight," brought up the story of the contract, saying, "How much should I pay you?" Son Dong-pyo said, “Since there is a penalty… Ask for that and the money that falls to the individual is one... I'm thinking about 500 million. A deal is possible,” he boldly called for the ransom. Heo Seong-hyun, who was next to him, said, "You don't have to give it to me."

After twists and turns, the first day of the audition for 'Ho Hui-hyo' ended, but Lee Jin-ho said, "I think all the kids we saw today are not good. Shall we go out to Hongdae and find them?”, foreshadowing the outing. The full-fledged start-up documentary 'Alien Ho Hui-hyo', which is a mixture of 81.6% ad-lib and 100% fake, foreshadows another super-exclusive guest, is released every Wednesday and Thursday on U+ Mobile.

Reporter Ryu Yae-ji and Ten Asia translated by google