'Cha Jung-sook' ends today (4th)... Uhm Jung-hwa is back on the operating table
'Cha Jung-sook' ends today (4th)... Uhm Jung-hwa is back on the operating table
Uhm Jung-hwa climbs onto the operating table again.

In the 15th episode of JTBC's Saturday drama 'Doctor Cha Jeong-sook', which aired on the 3rd, Cha Jeong-suk (Uhm Jung-hwa) was shown organizing her residency life due to deteriorating health. Cha Jung-sook's life was put on a brake when she was refused a liver transplant and was told to be hospitalized in a hurry due to acute liver failure. Attention is focusing on the final episode to see if the challenge of Cha Jung-sook, who began to reset her life after receiving a liver transplant after being put on the crossroads of life and death, will stop. In addition, the ending in which Cha Jung-suk chooses which of Seo In-ho (Kim Byung-cheol) or Roy Kim (Min Woo-hyuk) will receive a liver transplant raised curiosity about the final episode. The 15th episode recorded 14.7% nationwide and 14.7% in the metropolitan area (Nielsen Korea, based on paid households), continuing to rank first in the same time period.

On this day, Cha Jeong-suk received a diagnosis like a thunderbolt from the blue sky, saying that hospitalization was urgently needed and to stop living as a resident. In the midst of barely finding a seat, Cha Jung-sook began to organize her surroundings, although her mind was filled with despair at the stop sign sent from her body. He expressed his gratitude to his family medicine resident classmates for being a colleague, and expressed his intention to take a leave of absence to Lim Jong-kwon (played by Kim Byung-chun). Cha Jeong-sook, who was cleaning her place, hung up the doctor's gown with her name on it again, with the intention of returning. Cha Jeong-sook, who challenged residency with the determination to live as a doctor until the moment she died. I thought that I might never come back, so my steps did not fall easily.
'Cha Jung-sook' ends today (4th)... Uhm Jung-hwa is back on the operating table
'Cha Jung-sook' ends today (4th)... Uhm Jung-hwa is back on the operating table
In the meantime, Seo In-ho made Cha Jung-sook's heart even more difficult. Seo In-ho, unaware of his deteriorating health, did not hide his resentment at receiving a divorce complaint while arguing with Cha Jeong-suk. At the lawyer's office with Kwak Ae-sim (played by Park Joon-geum), he confirmed that he was in a disadvantageous position because he was a guilty spouse, and he was worried that the building in the name of Cha Jeong-sook could be taken away. In particular, Seo In-ho, who was nervous about the fraudulent investment case in which Kwak Ae-sim was involved, became furious when Cha Jung-suk said that he had no intention of selling the building under his name.

Seo In-ho, not knowing that his wife was in poor condition to undergo another liver transplant, went out of his way to believe that there was a corner to believe, but after hearing from Choi Seung-hee (Myeong Se-bin) that Cha Jeong-suk's deteriorating health condition and that she was quitting the hospital, he looked back on the past. . In the end, Seo In-ho sobbed as his heart burst with regret over the past, when he used all kinds of methods to kick out his wife in order not to be caught with his double life, and the ugly past, when he told him not to pretend to know anything about his struggling wife, let alone help him.

Seo In-ho went to Roy Kim and revealed that he would donate his liver, but a sarcastic response of “now?” came back, and the same was true for Cha Jung-sook. Cha Jung-sook rejected Seo In-ho, who was reflecting on the past, saying that all of them were useless. Seo In-ho begged for a chance to repay the debt of his heart, although it was late, but he could not change the heart of Cha Jung-sook, who had been closed, saying, “Death is also my destiny.”

Choi Seung-hee also made up her mind. After hesitating for a long time, the sincerity of saying sorry made Cha Jung-suk cry. Cha Jung-suk confessed that she wanted to be friends with Choi Seung-hee at one time. Cha Jeong-suk's warm sincerity that she said she would be comfortable now and hoped Choi Seung-hee would too made Choi Seung-hee shed tears. The twisted bad relationship was fierce, but Cha Jeong-suk and Choi Seung-hee forgave each other and put an end to the long conflict.

Roy Kim made a big decision for Cha Jung-sook. He was the first to confirm that Cha Jung-sook might need to undergo a liver transplant again, and he first received an examination to see if he was suitable for liver donation, and surprised Cha Jeong-suk by conveying his thoughts. Roy Kim, who was embarrassed to receive a bone marrow transplant request from his biological father, whom he had visited after 40 years, expressed his sincerity, appealing that he had a sufficient reason for donating his liver, saying, “Compared to him, Mr. Cha is a person much closer to me.” Cha Jung-sook, who heard a proposal that she had never received even from her husband of 20 years, did not readily accept it, saying that it was not an easy decision even though she cherished Roy Kim's heart.

Seo In-ho was furious at this news. Seo In-ho, who asked why Roy Kim gave him a liver transplant when he had a husband, and Roy Kim, who said that there was nothing he couldn't do and that he might change his mind, clashed again. And Seo In-ho and Roy Kim's liver transplant debate was left to Cha Jung-sook's choice. Cha Jeong-suk was asked to choose who to receive a liver transplant from. Cha Jeong-suk seemed to be thinking for a while, then pointed somewhere.

Attention is focused on who Cha Jung-sook would choose and whether she will be able to overcome this crisis and continue rebooting her life.

The final episode of 'Doctor Cha Jeong-sook' will be broadcast today (4th) at 10:30 pm.

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