Jang Yoon-jung "Child Yeon-woo's education method? I don't tell my younger brother to yield unconditionally"
Jang Yoon-jung "Child Yeon-woo's education method? I don't tell my younger brother to yield unconditionally"
Singer Jang Yoon-jung reveals how to teach concessions when her son Yeon-woo and daughter Ha-yeong fight.

In the 34th episode of MBC entertainment 'Dads who crossed the water', which is broadcast today (4th), the daily life of twin parenting of Dennis, a father who crossed the water from Canada for the first time in a childcare neighborhood, is drawn.

Twin parenting is usually regarded as 'another level' parenting. Raising one child is also difficult, as it is not common to raise two children at the same time, and parents often find themselves in difficult situations between the two children.

Dennis, the father of 9-year-old twins Brooke and Grace, also laughs and plays together, but is embarrassed to see his two daughters fighting a war of nerves in an instant. He said, “Since the children are older, their assertiveness has become stronger and we often fight. I am thinking about how to educate them.”

Brooke and Grace want to use each other's only purple sword. Also, before going out, they strongly confront each other about wearing their favorite crop tops. At this time, Dennis, the 'Superman twin father', spreads his own concession education method. As a result, Brooke and Grace converse and find a compromise, surprising everyone.

In Gyo-jin realizes furiously, “Even if parents don’t intervene, things get organized like that,” and reflects on how he tried to argue between his two daughters, Ha-eun and So-eun.

Next, the fathers of the parenting neighborhood discuss the 'concession education method'. Britain's father, Peter, said, "After discussing opinions with my wife, I don't tell her to yield to G.O. Then, the two of them fight until the end,” evoking laughter and empathy. Italian father Alberto confesses that he teaches the elderly to yield.

Jang Yoon-jung hints at Jang Yoon-jung's concession education method, saying, "First, I never tell Yeon-woo to yield to his younger brother unconditionally." It is a message that everyone admires the brilliant idea, so it makes you curious about the content.

Dr. Gyu-Sik Noh, an expert on gifted children, advises parents on the attitude they should take among their children, saying, "Without parental intervention, children only see scenes in which children fight or conflict as the incident itself."

Kim Na-young said, “I try not to intervene between my two sons, Shin-woo and Lee Joon. But as a result, my younger brother Lee Joon-yi always gets hurt,” she says, expressing her worries as a mother of two sons. In response, Dr. Kyu-sik Noh raises questions about what kind of advice he would have given.

'Dads who crossed the water' will be broadcast at 9:10 pm on the same day.

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google