Director Yang Ik-joon's confession of gaslighting damage 'shock'
Director Yang Ik-joon's confession of gaslighting damage 'shock'
Director Yang Ik-jun confessed his experience of being victimized by gaslighting.

Channel A's 'Black 2: Soul Destroyers', which aired on the 3rd, began with the absurd death of a man in his 30s who collapsed in agony in a temple.

The cause of death of this man who died of cardiac arrest was revealed to be massive hemorrhage under the skin tissue, that is, secondary shock. At the time of the autopsy, bleeding was found on 46% of the body, and the assailant who had 2,167 beatings non-stop for 150 minutes was revealed to be none other than the victim's mother, shocking everyone. Seong-hyeon (pseudonym), a victim who failed the social welfare civil service exam for the fifth year, went to a temple at the recommendation of her mother. There, with the words of the chief priest, "Come into the temple and live," Seunghyeon's temple life began.

There, Seung-hyeon had to endure hard labor and daily violence with about 10 other people. At the time, the text message sent to a friend by Mr. With his cell phone taken away, Seung-hyeon had to receive abusive accusations from many of the believers in the name of having strange imaginations while looking at the goddesses in the temple.

The interrogation and accusation that followed mainly late at night and early morning forced Seung-hyeon to write a self-written confession containing fake confessions, such as saying that he was an immoral child of the era and that he tried to extort tens of millions of won from his parents and temple. It was a strange confession that made trouble with every provocative crime confession, but Seung-hyeon's mother believed it. Seonghyeon's mother was so full of faith in this place that she performed a religious ceremony in the temple naked. Shocked to learn about this religious ceremony, Seonghyeon dreamed of escaping, but unfortunately wrote a confession until the day before his death.

On the day of Seonghyeon's death, the mother's brutal violence was inflicted in the presence of the abbot and the abbot's wife. Seong-hyeon's mother's firm belief in the abbot was achieved through 'exorcism' and 'qigong', which healed her sick body, and her 'gaslighting', which she claimed was connected to Seung-hyeon's mother. Even after Seung-hyeon's death, Ji-seung Ji called Seong-hyeon's mother several times a day and tried to gaslight her to testify in their favor.

The Ju Ji-seung couple, who destroyed Seong-hyeon's family, are freed from the charges, and only Seong-hyeon's mother is sentenced to 7 years in prison and is paying the price alone. Dankook University Department of Law Department of Forensic Psychology Professor Min Yoon-young explained gaslighting by saying, "Gaslighting is something that happens on a daily basis, so even if you feel like 'I think I've done something wrong?', you get used to it without realizing it."

Common techniques and steps of gaslighting were introduced through the case of another perpetrator who possessed people using prayer and prophecy. Seon-ju (pseudonym), who came to Korea after marrying in the United States and giving birth to two daughters, first met the perpetrator, a popular home-tutoring teacher, through the introduction of her best friend Mi-hee (pseudonym). Seon-ju, who had the same religion as the perpetrator, gradually became accustomed to gaslighting after being seduced by the perpetrator's religious lies, such as "I saw it in a dream" or "God did it in prayer."

My friend Mi-hee invested 180 million won and Seon-joo willingly invested 900 million won in the perpetrator, and they became distant from their families who did not understand them. In the end, Mi-hee and Seon-ju, who had run away from home with their children, started living together in the house of the perpetrator. In this way, perpetrators of gaslighting first infiltrated intimately with the victim and then isolated them.

This bizarre cohabitation created a natural hierarchical relationship under the name of the god claimed by the perpetrator. The two also neglected the habitual child abuse that the perpetrator did to their children. Seon-ju, who was completely manipulated by the perpetrator in the second year of living together, and Seon-ju's eldest daughter, who was only 7 years old, unfortunately lost their lives after the perpetrator's long-term abuse. The perpetrator succeeded in evading responsibility by inducing the guilt of Mr.

He explained that 'Black 2' is the last pattern in which perpetrators of gaslighting typically create a hierarchical order for isolated victims to follow their words and manipulate their psychology. The crimes of perpetrators, bystanders, and sympathizers that resulted from gaslighting were revealed through a complete investigation of long-term absentee children five years after the death of the eldest daughter.

Director Yang Ik-joon, a storyteller who witnessed the shocking tragedies, finally confessed his own experience of being victimized by gaslighting. He expressed his bitter feelings, saying, "I will crawl under that person's legs. It's 100 times the pain of a nightmare."

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google