Cursed Rowoon, intense first meeting with Jo Bo-ah
Cursed Rowoon, intense first meeting with Jo Bo-ah
Jo Bo-ah and Rowoon announced the start of an irresistible romance that was pleasantly thrilling.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research company, on the 24th, JTBC's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'This Love is Irresistible', which aired the previous day, recorded 2.9% viewership ratings both nationwide and in the metropolitan area.

On this day's broadcast, the entry into Onju City Hall of Lee Hong-jo (played by Jo Bo-ah), a civil servant who is accustomed to being alone, was dynamically drawn. It wasn't easy from the first job. He was assigned to the park management team at the Greenery Department of Onju City Hall, where the team leader Hyun Bong-shik works.

An opportunity to improve relations came to Lee Hong-jo. When a death occurred at the ruined Onjusan Shrine, civil petitioners came to the Greenery Division to ask for it to be demolished. Lee Hong-jo, who is sweating over their protests, proposes to solve the civil complaint about the demolition of the new party himself. Heading to the shrine in question, he felt a sense of fear at the sight more bizarre than he thought. While looking around the dreary shrine in the rain, Lee Hong-jo was startled by something and fell unconscious.

At the same time, Jang Shin-yu (played by Rowoon) also visited the shrine. Working as an ace lawyer at Law & High, the best law firm in Korea, he was suffering from a curse passed down from generation to generation in his family. It was a disease of unknown origin, in which the illusion of touching the face with bloodstained hands led to excruciating pain. The Shindang of Onjusan Mountain was kept by the Jang Shin-yu family from their ancestors. As the disease worsened, the shrine he visited was in ruins. The janitor who paid a large amount of money and hired disappeared, and even a death incident occurred. In addition, even the strange woman who fainted due to lack of trespassing was a headache. And Jang Shin-yu was engulfed in an unknown strange energy in the ruined shrine.

Civil complaints about the demolition of the new party were a challenge from the beginning. Onjusan Dullegil was a private property, not owned by Onju City. Lee Hong-jo searched the village and found out that the owner of the land was Jang Shin-yu. Lee Hong-jo asked Zhang Shin-yu to demolish and restore the shrine, which had been neglected like a haunted house, but he, as a lawyer, could not get through. However, it was more important for Lee Hong-jo to win the heart of the Gongseo-gu team leader than Zhang Shin-yu's strong refusal.

In response to Jang Shin-yu's stubborn refusal, Lee Hong-jo went to the building owner, shaman Eun-wol (played by Kim Hye-ok), and begged him to take over the permission himself. Jang Shin-yu did not understand that Lee Hong-jo risked his life to demolish the new temple. When asked why, an unexpected answer came back. Jang Shin-yu was shaken by Lee Hong-jo’s words, “It’s because I’m lonely. In the end, Jang Shin-yu gave the contact information of the nursing hospital where Eun-wol was staying, saying, "If you don't get permission, don't forget the promise that you won't bother again."

Jang Shin-yu faced an unexpected twist. Upon hearing that Eun-wol had allowed the demolition of the new temple, Shin-yu Jang went to visit him. And I heard an unbelievable story from Eun-wol. "The woman you killed. The owner of the red bloody hand that touches your body. But that pain and curse will come to an end. The owner of the wooden box has finally appeared," he said meaningfully. The fact that the owner of the wooden box that would end the long curse was Lee Hong-jo also confused Zhang Xinyu. As Eun-wol said, Jang Shin-yu felt a strange feeling when he discovered the sealed wooden box while demolishing the shrine.

Lee Hong-jo was still lonely. Despite resolving the civil complaint about the demolition of the new party, he was not invited to the team dinner and burst into tears. Jang Shin-yu appeared in front of Lee Hong-jo, who sat down and exploded with sadness. Jang Shin-yu's ending, saying "I'd like to go with you" and reaching out his hand, heightened excitement and curiosity.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google