Lee Chan-won ate cream soda at a Japanese cafe and recalled memories
Lee Chan-won ate cream soda at a Japanese cafe and recalled memories
'Talk Pawon 25 O'Clock' raised the tension with a fun online trip to choose from.

JTBC's 'Talk Pawon 25 O'Clock', which aired on the 21st, featured a tour of two neighborhoods in Tokyo, Japan, where Freddie Mercury's hometown Tanzania, MC Jeon Hyun-moo, Lee Chan-won, and Takuya went on a business trip as 'TALK' sources, and Lee Kang-in, who moved to PSG. A variety of online travels will unfold, including the Paris Saint-Germain Tour.

On this day, Tanzania 'Talk' Pawon conveyed the charm of Zanzibar. Places where you can see the traces of Freddie Mercury, the lead vocalist of the band Queen and legendary artist, caught the eye. The house where Freddie Mercury actually lived and the museum, which displays related photos, memos, and costumes, added interest.

The Anglican Cathedral, built on the site of the largest slave market in East Africa, drew attention with the traces of the time left here and there. Also, the Aldabra Giant Turtles I met at Canggu Island and the Dolphin Tour where I could swim with dolphins at Kizimkaji drew admiration.

The second round of the two neighborhood tours of Jeon Hyun-moo, who introduced the Ikebukuro course in Tokyo, Japan, and Lee Chan-won and Takuya, who introduced the Japanese 'Tok' Pawon and Jimbocho courses, presented a lot of fun. Jeon Hyun-moo and 'Talk' Pa-won started off as a hot butler cafe on social media. As soon as he entered, Jeon Hyun-moo, who was immersed in the worldview of the royal family, felt better when his stomach was full, and presented a song to the butler, bringing laughter.

At a Chinese restaurant recommended by Goro-sang from the Japanese drama 'Lonely Gourmet', I tasted tandan noodles and malaratsuji without soup. Unlike 'Tok' Pa-Won, who gave up on the spicy taste of Maralatsuji, Jeon Hyun-moo, who fell in love with it, made a regular reservation saying, "If I lived here, I would come twice a week."

Lee Chan-won and Takuya found the taste of memories in a coffee shop full of retro sensibility. Lee Chan-won, who ate Neapolitan pasta, commented, “It tasted like my mom used to make when I was a kid,” and fell into a trance after tasting the cream soda.

France's 'Talk' Pawon drew the attention of football fans with a tour of Parc des Princes, the home stadium of PSG, where footballer Lee Kang-in belongs. The special experience of stepping on the lawn of the stadium as well as the indoor tour of the press room, locker room, and player entry passage made it impossible to take your eyes off. In addition, it also contains the wonderful moments of Lee Kang-in, who walks the ground without rest, intuition, from his joining PSG to the first game of the season.

In addition, hard-to-find PSG Lee Kang-in uniforms and other goods were sent as direct purchase items for the 'Give Me, Give Me' corner, resulting in fierce competition among performers. Kim Sook, who scored 647 points by only 3 points while taking the direct item in the order of 650 points through the shooting game, won the Lee Kang-in uniform and cheered with joy.

The viewership ratings of 'Talk Pawon 25 O'Clock' on this day recorded 2.9% in the metropolitan area and 3.1% nationwide (based on paid households in Nielsen Korea).

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google