Seo Jang-hoon "A husband who had an affair with his 19-year-old nephew, a foreign topic"
Seo Jang-hoon "A husband who had an affair with his 19-year-old nephew, a foreign topic"
Broadcaster Seo Jang-hoon gave a blow to the storyteller who confided in the story of the past.

In KBS Joy's 'Ask Anything', which aired on the 21st, a storyteller appeared who talked about her cheating husband with her 19-year-old nephew.

On this day, it was introduced that the storyteller was 30 years old. He confessed, “I have a husband, but I am separated because I cheated on him. So I didn’t know what to do.” Seo Jang-hoon said, "Tell me what kind of story it is."

The storyteller said, "When I got married 8 years ago, my mother remarried in the year we got married. My father and nieces and nephews were also born. Among them, I have a daughter, who was in 5th grade at the time. Then, my new brother had an accident and went to the intensive care unit. The child had nowhere to go, so I went to the care center."
Seo Jang-hoon "A husband who had an affair with his 19-year-old nephew, a foreign topic"
Seo Jang-hoon "A husband who had an affair with his 19-year-old nephew, a foreign topic"
According to the storyteller, the step-sister hit her nephew. The new brother is currently awake from the hospital bed. In response, Seo Jang-hoon said, "If my mother beat me, it doesn't matter if I live with my father." The speaker said, "My nephew said he would go to the care center. There are some circumstances. So I met him on vacation after a long time. I am 19 years old this year. It's been a while since I saw him and he has grown a lot and matured. We are close, so he still followed us."

He added, "We can now afford it. We asked if we would be the guardians of this child. We didn't adopt him, but we felt sorry for him, so we brought him home." From some time ago, the husband and step-nephew of the speaker had frequent skinship. The storyteller was shocked to see the two kissing. He sent his nephew back to the care center, but he said he was sorry.

The storyteller said, "My nephew came to my house every weekend. When we met again, I wrote a memorandum. In the memorandum, I wrote to never touch each other and not to contact me personally. I accepted it without hesitation. He said the kiss was a mistake. Since then, even if the two of us are together, I was worried. My nephew wanted to follow everything I did to my husband. I told him several times not to cross the line, but that didn't work. I told my parents, and my mother-in-law was also upset."

In addition, the storyteller said, "I was trying to charge my cell phone, but I saw my husband's cell phone that was charging. My nephew sent 'me too'. It turns out that my husband sent a text message saying 'I miss you' first. I told him to change my phone number and cut off contact. But isn't there such a thing as a woman's touch? When I looked at my husband's cloud, there were a lot of pictures of his nephew."

The storyteller said, "I asked my husband to install a location tracking application. My husband said one day he was having a hard time and needed time to heal by turning off location tracking. Following my friend's advice, I will delete the location tracking application because I do not believe in him. "I told her to come. After going out, my husband was smiling at me. I asked him what he was doing because he was suspicious. He said he ate pasta, went to the stationery store, and bet on baseball. There was a ring on his right hand."
Seo Jang-hoon "A husband who had an affair with his 19-year-old nephew, a foreign topic"
Seo Jang-hoon "A husband who had an affair with his 19-year-old nephew, a foreign topic"
The storyteller even checked his nephew's SNS. She said, "I argued with my husband, but he said it was because of me. He said I made it too hard. When I asked how far he had gone, he said he only kissed. My husband left the house in that state. He asked to see me in court. My nephew also asked me to see him in court. He said that he would live happily,” and said, “My husband was a loving wife. I caught him because of the happy times.

Lee Soo-geun asked, "It's sad that you're thinking about this. You know that this won't be enough, right?" The speaker replied, "I don't know what to do." On the other hand, Seo Jang-hoon said, "Hey. Come to your senses. If you want to come to your senses, you have to think about why this happened. He is not a real nephew, but a stranger, but suddenly your husband's eyes are spinning at the thrill of forbidden love and his mood is aroused. It is. I had to be firm from the beginning," he advised.

Also, Seo Jang-hoon asked back, "You still like your husband. Even if you have an affair with a child like your nephew, you still like your husband. Can love solve this?" Then he said, "Stop talking shit. This is a foreign topic. Do you want to forgive everything and live again? I want to live together, but isn't the affair with your nephew better? It's okay, though?" Not only that, but he also said, "Why do you keep talking about your child? What kind of educational help is a father having an affair with a high school nephew? Why are you like an idiot? Why waste your life?"

Seo Jang-hoon said, "You are still young. You can start anew enough and you can raise your child well without a father. Get out of this abyss and forget them completely. You are missing your husband alone, but that is a waste of your life. It's eating. Please wake up, make up your mind and keep thinking about how to live with your child."

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google