Lee Hyo-ri "Bosom battle with Hwasa...Trying to take a picture"... All-time spicy talk
Lee Hyo-ri "Bosom battle with Hwasa...Trying to take a picture"... All-time spicy talk
Singer Lee Hyo-ri showed off her splendid wit.

On the 11th, on the YouTube channel 'TEO Theo', 'Lee Hyo-ri, Kim Wan-sun, Um Jung-hwa, Boa, Hwasa, and Hong Hyun-hee reveal the story behind | A video titled 'Wandering Troupe of Dance Singers' has been uploaded.

In the released video, Hyo-ri Lee said, "It's true that I'm getting more and more greedy for the stage."

He added, “There is a sense of competition, but each style is so different that it is not greedy for other people’s performances.

Hwasa, who heard this, sympathized, saying, "It seems that you get more momentum when you are greedy." BoA said, “Hwasa keeps bringing in a lot of dancers.

Hong Hyeon-hee said, "I was so puzzled when I saw the five of them, they seemed like they were going to enjoy an empty stomach, but everyone couldn't stand the hunger. Especially now I know that BoA likes Korean food. Since we know a lot about our appearance on stage, these real images are loved by the fans. I hope it will be delivered to them," he cheered them on.

Lee Hyo-ri recently explained the background of starting SNS again. He said, "I aim for everything and film it. I think of everything for social media and film it."

In response, Hwasa said, “We also had a chest battle.” Lee Hyo-ri also said, "I had a heart-to-heart battle with Hwa-sa, but now it doesn't work."

Hong Hyun-hee asked, "How many thousands did you start with, and didn't you already have over 300,000 followers?" Hyori Lee wondered, “Is there any way to increase more followers?” In response, Uhm Jung-hwa also asked, "Please use our Instagram ID."

Lastly, Lee Hyo-ri said, "We don't just go to the stage set up while wandering around, but also communicate and sing at the fire station, school, and taekwondo gym. We've seen a lot of us singing on great stages, so people who watch it will be looking forward to it." promoted

Reporter Yoon Jun-ho, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google