Im Seong-han's rookie Yoo Jung-hoo, the dark horse... fantasy visual
Im Seong-han's rookie Yoo Jung-hoo, the dark horse... fantasy visual
Actor Yoo Jung-hoo foreshadowed his role as a dark horse in TV Chosun's 'Missy Durian'.

On the 12th, TV Chosun's 'Assi Durian' production team released stills of Yoo Jeong-hoo, who plays the role of Dan Deung-myeong, the son of Dan Chi-gang (Jeon No-min) and Jang Se-mi (Yoon Hae-yeong), the eldest son of Baek Do-i (Choi Myung-gil), the chairman of a conglomerate family.

Writer Phoebe, who recorded the highest ratings ever for a TV Chosun drama with 'Marriage Lyricist Divorce Composition', and director Shin Woo-cheol, who directed 'Secret Garden', 'A Gentleman's Dignity', and 'Gu Family Book', have teamed up for the first time.

Among the plays played by Yoo Jeong-hoo, Dan Deung-myeong is a famous actor with distinct features, a handsome appearance with a graceful appearance, and a tall stature. He has a sense of humor, is polite to his family, and has a lot of love, and he is a good-natured person.

Yoo Jung-hoo debuted in the web drama 'Bad Girl Friend' in 2022 and appeared in 'New Love Playlist' and the recently released 'Cheongdam International High School'. The first scene where Yoo Jung-hoo reveals the charm of Dan Deung-myeong with just a smile was captured.
Im Seong-han's rookie Yoo Jung-hoo, the dark horse... fantasy visual
Im Seong-han's rookie Yoo Jung-hoo, the dark horse... fantasy visual
In the published photo, Dan Deung-myeong is facing someone with a bright smile. Also, while checking the watch, he raises his curiosity by checking something. Furthermore, as Dan Deung-myeong is shown having a conversation with her mother, Jang Se-mi, with a soft smile, attention is focused on what the conversation between mother and child will be.

Yoo Jung-hoo recalled his excitement at the time he received the first script, saying, "After receiving the script from writer Phoebe, I was very curious and looking forward to the next episode." He continued, "I was surprised by the excellent detail of writer Phoebe, and thanks to that, it helped me a lot to understand the character as an actor and figure out how to express it. It's an honor to be able to do it," he added.

Yoo Jeong-hoo said, "I was happy to be able to feel that love while filming because it was a role that was loved by my family and also by the public as a top actor. please" he said.

Not only that, Yoo Jung-hoo said, “In ‘Assisi Durian’, the personalities and charms of the various family members are so different, and the things that happen to them and the conflicts they experience are diverse. I think it will be possible," he said.

The production team said, “Yoo Jeong-hoo is immersed in the character of Dan Deung-myeong with great concentration unlike a rookie, and as a result, he shows amazing character absorption. Please watch," he said.

'Missis Durian' is a bizarre and beautiful fantasy melodrama about two mysterious women who appear at the moment when a grand party is held at the Dan family's villa and just as the moon eclipses, and the bizarre and beautiful fate of the Dan family unfolds. First broadcast on the 24th.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google