Rowoon's leading role, No. 1 on Netflix in Japan
Rowoon's leading role, No. 1 on Netflix in Japan
Singer and actor Rowoon is very popular in Japan.

Boy group SF9 member and actor Rowoon's popularity in Japan is unusual.

The JTBC drama 'Senior, don't put on that lipstick' starring Rowoon is creating a sensation in Japan. According to FlixPatrol, an OTT platform ratings ranking site, "Senior, don't put on that lipstick" ranked first in the Japanese Netflix TV show category on the 8th and 9th.

'Senior, don't put on that lipstick' is a drama that aired in 2021, and was greatly loved for the chemistry between Won Jin-ah and Rowoon at the time of airing. In particular, Rowoon took on the role of Chae Hyeon-seung, a perfect junior with good values and humor, as well as visuals in the play, captivating viewers with daily acting, ad-libs, and a wide range of emotional acting. This popularity is not limited to Korea, but is steadily rising in Japan as well.

Rowoon will also hold fan meetings and meet local fans in Nagoya, Kyoto, and Tokyo from the 17th. Last year, Rowoon held a solo fan meeting in Japan and realized his popularity. As such, attention is focused on Rowoon, who is gaining popularity as a 'Korean Wave King' due to his unending popularity in Japan.

Reporter Ryu Ye-ji and Ten Asia translated by google