Lee Si-woo and Park Joo-hyun become unrequited love men
Lee Si-woo and Park Joo-hyun become unrequited love men
Actor Lee Si-woo confirmed his appearance in the drama 'Perfect Family'.

On the 18th, the drama 'Perfect Family' reported the news. 'Perfect Family' is the story of Seon-hee (played by Park Joo-hyun) and her family, who seem happy and perfect to anyone, and go through one day when Seon-hee's friend, Kyung-ho, dies.

Lee Si-woo takes on the role of Ji Hyun-woo, who is called the second most popular man in the play because he has not escaped the second-class status in his later years, neither voting nor studying. Born in an ordinary family, he has a decent appearance and a good personality who knows how to be considerate of others.

Ji Hyun-woo has a crush on Choi Seon-hee (played by Park Joo-hyun). However, when he learns that Seon-hee is involved in the death of his best friend Kyung-ho, he is shocked and sets out to help Seon-hee. Lee Si-woo is entangled with Park Joo-hyun and creates an interesting and fresh story.

Director Isao Yukisada is in charge of directing 'Perfect Family'. Director Isao Yukisada swept various film festivals, including the Best Director Award at the 25th Japan Academy Awards, with the 2002 film 'GO'. In 2004, he shook all over Japan with 'Crying Out Love in the Center of the World', and in 2018, he received the International Critics League Award at the 68th Berlin International Film Festival with 'Reverse Edge'.

'Perfect Family' will start filming soon and will be available through global OTT.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google