Lee Jin-ho plans belated circumcision at the age of 38
Lee Jin-ho plans belated circumcision at the age of 38
In the new fake reality entertainment, monster-level producing 'Alien Ho Hwi-hyo' produced by LG U+'s 'STUDIO X+U', Lee Jin-ho went to Dunn to earn '10 million won' circumcision cost to receive from 'Kwakchu-hyung'. Recruit Huimin and start a new label.

In the new fake reality entertainment, monster-level producing 'Alien Ho Hwi-hyo' (produced by LG U+ 'STUDIO X+U'), which aired on the 16th, Lee Jin-ho appeared as struggling to save 10 million won from a snack bar. Unlike Lee Jin-ho, who barely managed to buy a roll of gimbap, Dunn and Huimin from 'Young & Rich' at the next table gave off the scent of success. The two felt sorry for their juniors' 'love for Rolex watches', and thought about 5 million won as a pittance, forming a good contrast with Lee Jin-ho. Huimin said that the light from the diamond piercing on Dawn's lower lip hurt his eyes and scolded him, saying, "Don't come with that on."

And the two stood up, leaving most of the menus ordered at the snack bar. Whimin said to Jinho Lee, who was watching them as they left, “You can eat that if you don’t mind. He also showed a warm appearance, not losing his original intention (?), saying, “I hardly eat.” Lee Jin-ho hurriedly went out to grab Dawn and Huimin, saying, "Boss, please do a 'corkage' for this." The two invited Lee Jin-ho, who asked for a light, to their house on top of the building, and Lee Jin-ho was delighted, saying, "I think I can get money."

Meanwhile, the reason why Lee Jin-ho urgently needed 10 million won was revealed. At the age of 38, he met Hong Seong-woo, a urology doctor, for a circumcision consultation. Hong Seong-woo watched Lee Jin-ho's expected surgery site with his pants down and said, "I've lived thinking that was a tummy tuck until now? Will this record be broken? I can't do it with 8 million won,” he called for 10 million won. Lee Jin-ho, who was confident in saying, “I thought of 500,000 won and brought a generous 1 million won,” said, “The director is almost at the level of a private loan… “I was at a loss for words, but I started to ask for money in a dejected laugh.

So, Lee Jin-ho, who entered the house of beatmaker Huimin and rising singer Dawn, was surprised to see the records of the two. Lee Jin-ho, who was in charge of 'The Smell of Money', suggested that they start a label together with a questionable comment, "I'm also into music." However, Huimin pointed out Lee Jin-ho's outfit with a large cross earring on only one ear, saying, "It looks like a scammer." can't wear clothes Both of them,” he retorted, causing laughter.

The three of them decided to put in the same amount of investment, and with a small amount of money in the piggy bank of Huimin X Dawn and a bundle of coins saying “I don’t have much cash,” they took the pen name of Jinho Lee, the pen name of Co-CEO Huimin, and the filial piety of Hyojong (Dawn), the president of the pants. I made 'Alien Ho Hwi-hyo'. Soon after, Lee Jin-ho came out wearing a red shaman costume for a successful start-up and held a full-fledged ceremony to commemorate the opening of the business with MZ Pig Head wearing a colorful wig. It was a clumsy test, but Dunn gave a laugh by praying, "Please don't go to prison." After finishing the good street, they also had time to find out each other's intentions through the overly honest Son Byeong-ho game, truth game, and image game. Dunn, who won the prize with bad images such as 'a person who is likely to go home and watch pornographic videos' and 'a member who is likely to be the worst person in the future' etc., showed a twisted appearance by one-shotting the remaining half bottle of makgeolli.

Meanwhile, after returning home, the members started making the label's official signature sound after many twists and turns, including an incident where Lee Jin-ho was caught stealing. Satisfied with the plausible finished sound, Lee Jin-ho said, “If I upload it on social media, I lose to kids selling enzymes on social media. Let's spread flyers,” he said, and started making flyers by hand. Due to the poor quality, the three eventually asked a nearby director to make a flyer with Photoshop, and the most unsophisticated flyer ever was completed. Dawn, grumbling, started distributing flyers by flying a kite. A mysterious woman who saw a leaflet blown by the wind said, “Wheemin Boy♥ Dunboy♥ … Who is this person?”

The full-fledged start-up documentary 'Alien Ho Hui-hyo', which is a mixture of 81.6% ad-lib and 100% fake, with four-dimensional ideas, is released every Wednesday on U+ Mobile.

Reporter Ryu Yae-ji and Ten Asia ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google