Jin Hae-seong, 22-year-old active player and judo match
Jin Hae-seong, 22-year-old active player and judo match
Jin Hae-seong of 'Tralala Brothers' will have a judo match with an active player.

On TV CHOSUN's 'Tralala Brothers', which airs on August 16, Jin Hae-seong, a former judo player, visits a judo field with Na Sang-do, Jin-wook, and Song Min-jun. Jin Hae-seong, who is active as the official heavy equipment seat of 'Tralala Brothers' with an extraordinary sense of weight,'s amazing athletic ability and tremendous past are revealed in detail. In addition, it is known that Jin Hae-seong is engaged in a judo match with a 22-year-old active player without concessions, drawing attention.

On this day, Jin Hae-seong visits a judo center in downtown Seoul with Na Sang-do, Jin-wook, and Song Min-jun. Jin Hae-seong boasts a high-up tension at the thought that he can show a great image after a long time and makes people laugh. However, Na Sang-do, Jin-wook, and Song Min-jun show doubts about Jin Hae-seong's judo skills. I wondered if Jin Hae-seong was really good at judo and if he really had the skills to teach the members.

In response, Jin Hae-seong confesses that he was a judo player in his youth. At that time, Jin Hae-seong boasted a high level of judo skills to the extent that he participated in the Domin Sports Festival. Next, on the screen, various medals and certificates that Jin Hae-seong received during his time as a player are revealed, surprising everyone.

Next, Jin Hae-seong shows off splendid judo techniques such as falling, waist-slapping, and shove-up. In particular, he made Na Sang-do, Jin-wook, and Song Min-joon lie down on the floor in turn, saying that he would show them how to jump. Members who are familiar with the weight of Jin Hae-seong cause a pupil earthquake in anxiety. At this time, Jin Hae-seong flies into the air. Attention is focusing on whether Jin Hae-seong will be able to overcome his weight of nearly 0.1 ton and succeed in jumping.

In addition, Jin Hae-seong engages in a bout with a 22-year-old active college student judo player without concessions. Watching Jin Hae-seong engage in a tight confrontation against a 20-year-old player, the members of the 'Tralala Brothers' say, "Does this make sense?" Is it nimble?” he exclaimed. The result of the bout between Jin Hae-seong, who surprised everyone, and active judo player, and Jin Hae-seong's agility, which is hard to believe even after seeing it, are expected in the main broadcast.

On the other hand, as much as they visited the judo field, other members except for Jin Hae-seong exploded with body gags. The delightful story of Jin Hae-seong, Na Sang-do, Jin-wook, and Song Min-jun at the judo field can be seen on TV CHOSUN's 'Tralala Brothers', which airs at 10:00 pm on Wednesday, August 16.

Reporter Ryu Yae-ji and Ten Asia ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google