Park Hae-jin keeps letters and photos exchanged with his ex-girlfriend
Park Hae-jin keeps letters and photos exchanged with his ex-girlfriend
Actor Park Hae-jin will appear as a special MC for SBS' 'My Little Old Boy'.

On SBS' 'My Little Old Boy', which airs on the 13th, Park Hae-jin, who is appearing in the drama 'National Death Penalty Vote', appears as a special MC.

On this day, Park Hae-jin, who confessed to being a fan of Movengers, impressed everyone by appearing with a handful of handmade gifts. Next, Park Hae-jin made a special confession of love for Movengers, befitting the title he earned through his appearance in the drama 'Famous Chil Princesses'.

When the sweet melodic eyes were added to the 100% success rate confession, Movengers couldn't hide a big smile, saying, "It's so nice to hear such a story from a young person." It is the back door that everyone at the scene could not stop laughing at the excitement-filled expression of the first Movengers.

Park Hae-jin is also known for his knowledge of collecting and storing things. In the past, he surprised everyone by saying, "After counting up to 2200 pairs of shoes, I couldn't count more and sorted them out." He even confessed that he still keeps these as well as letters and photos exchanged with his ex-lover. After hearing this, Movengers made everyone laugh by advising them to dispose of it as soon as possible, saying that it could be a seed of misfortune.

Park Hae-jin, who revealed the story of living in the same house after being separated from his family when he was young, revealed the story of his family being scattered and made everyone feel sad. Whether it was, I wonder more.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google