Lee Hyo-ri performed a collaboration stage with Rain, Taemin, and Zico
Lee Hyo-ri performed a collaboration stage with Rain, Taemin, and Zico
tvN's 'Dancing Queens On The Road' depicts the last wandering journey that has a special meaning for both artists and fans.

In the 12th episode of tvN's 'Dancing Queens On The Road', which airs at 8:40 pm on the 10th, part 2 of the wandering Seoul performance with Kim Wan-seon, Uhm Jung-hwa, Lee Hyo-ri, Boa, Hwa-sa, and MC Hong Hyun-hee will be revealed. As it is the last wandering journey, we plan to deliver a deep lingering feeling from the special celebration stage to the stage and message containing the true meaning of wandering.

The second part of the Seoul performance will be decorated with the theme of 'My Wandering Ending Song' with the title of 'Never Ending Credit'. BoA selects 'Woman', saying, "There is a lyric that says 'true woman.' Hwasa unfolds the stage of 'Maria' with an orchestra on a grand scale. Lee Hyo-ri selects the title song of her 6th album, 'Seoul', which captures her yearning for the stage, and summons the original hip-hop crew Bank2 (Bank 2 Brothers). In particular, Bank2 performed on the theme of 'Seoul' on the final stage of 'Smanpa', adding interest to the meeting of the two teams.

The performance of the new song by the members of the troupe is an indispensable highlight of the show. Kim Wan-sun and Uhm Jung-hwa poured their passion into preparing a new song for a long time for this Seoul concert. First of all, Kim Wan-seon's new song 'LAST KISS' is a song that he worked with Lee Hyun-seung, a hitmaker composer who crosses genres from ballads to dance songs. It is a melodic dance song that combines retro sensibility and K-POP charm. The beat and melody that maximizes the new charm of artist Kim Wan-seon will stand out. The choreography is coordinated with K-pop representative choreographer Choi Young-joon. Even though certain choreography is difficult because of her herniated disc, she said that she endured the pain and practiced for the best performance.

Uhm Jung-hwa, along with rapper Justice This, shows off the true nature of the original disco queen on the stage of 'Disco Energy'. 'Disco Energy', which became a hot topic due to the meeting between The Black Label's producer Vince and Uhm Jung-hwa, sampled 'DISCO' in the disco pop genre to give it the charm of newness and familiarity. The release of Uhm Jung-hwa's new summer song adds to expectations in that it has been a long time since 'Poison' and 'Festival'. Uhm Jung-hwa said, “I was a summer queen,” and surprised the crew of EO-DDAE by releasing a springing idea. Attention is focused on the heartfelt challenges of dance singer divas who do not hesitate to take on new challenges for the 'path' of their juniors to move forward without being trapped in the flow of time.

On this day, a special celebration stage by male dance singers will be held at the wandering performance in Seoul. Rain, SHINee's Taemin, and Zico will be all out to heat up the concert hall. The female dance singers, who were busily preparing for the next stage in the waiting room, couldn't take their eyes off their stage and shouted admiration, saying, "You're crazy." Lee Hyo-ri, who has been reunited after a long time, and Rain's 'Chin Chin' chemistry make viewers fall in love.

The stage of 'Here by the Beach Again' by the project group 'Ssak3', which was reborn as a 2023 version, also raises expectations. Hyo-ri Lee introduces, "Taemin and Zico will fill in the missing spot for Yoo Jae-suk oppa," and sets up the stage for 'Here Again by the Beach' with Rain, Taemin, and Zico. The 2023 version of the stage, sung by four people Lee Hyori, Rain, Taemin, and Zico, is already stimulating curiosity about how it will feel.

At the Seoul performance of 'Dancing Queens On The Road', the stage of the first group song 'Rainbow', which is harmonized with the charming vocals of 5 members each, will also be released. 'Rainbow' is a pop-based dance song that expresses the charm of the Wandering Troupe members by comparing it to a rainbow of various colors. This is the first group song prepared. With expectations on what the first group song stage will be like with legendary dancers with a total of 129 years of experience, the final wandering journey of tvN's 'Dancing Queens On The Road' will be broadcast at 8:40 pm on the 10th.

'Dancing Queens On The Road' will release its first OST album at 6:00 pm on the 10th prior to the broadcast on this day. This album includes 'Rainbow', a group song performed by members of the Wandering Troupe for fans, Kim Wan-sun's solo song 'LAST KISS', which is full of romantic charm, and Uhm Jung-hwa's new song 'Disco Energy (Feat. Just This)', which announced the return of the disco queen. done.

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google