Haha, goodbye "Let's use birth control"
Haha, goodbye "Let's use birth control"
Broadcaster Haha said goodbye to 'High School Mom and Dad 3'.

In the 27th episode of MBN's 'High School Mom and Dad Who Adults Don't Know' (hereafter referred to as 'High School Mom and Dad 3)' aired on the 19th, an anonymous high school mom confided in her worries, "It's hard to start anew with my boyfriend after the divorce because I run into opposition from my family." We had time to talk together.

Ahn Seo-yeong and Namgung Ji-suk, who appeared in Seasons 2 & 3 of 'High School Mom and Dad', joined the studio and counseled the 'anonymous high school mom's worries as if they were their own, while revealing the changed daily life after the broadcast, adding meaning to the last meeting of season 3. On this day, the broadcast recorded 2.1% (based on the first part of Nielsen Korea paid broadcasting households), reaping the beauty of the end.

An anonymous high school mom appeared who sent an SOS to the production team, saying, “I had a problem that I couldn’t see a solution to, so I sent a story to ‘High School Mom and Dad 3’.” Through a reenactment drama, this high school mom revealed her turbulent past, saying, "After dropping out of high school, I dated another boyfriend who dropped out, but ran away with my boyfriend due to a conflict with my father." The two even lived a homeless life for over a month, and the high school mother said, "Even after she found out she was pregnant, her boyfriend broke up the marriage by using violence to game addiction. Afterwards, she returned to her home and raised her daughter with her father. ", he confessed.

The high school mom, who made up her mind again, passed the GED, went to college, and met her new boyfriend at an end-of-class party. My new boyfriend understood my high school mom's situation, and he was like a real father to my daughter. After a serious meeting, the two decided to formally introduce their daughter to her boyfriend's mother. Afterwards, I took my boyfriend's mother and daughter to meet, but the mother strongly opposed the meeting of the two. Nevertheless, the boyfriend said, "I want to take responsibility for the child, get married, and change my last name before entering elementary school." On the other hand, the high school mother showed the position, "I don't want to hurt my child by getting married while confronting my parents."

Regarding the reality that there is no right answer, Ahn Seo-young shared her experiences, saying, "In my case, my boyfriend persuaded my parents for a long time before I registered my marriage. The cast members also advised, "Even if it takes a long time, I recommend a way to convince your parents."
Haha, goodbye "Let's use birth control"
Haha, goodbye "Let's use birth control"
Afterwards, the current situation of Ahn Seo-young, who appeared in the last episode of season 2, was released as a video. Ahn Seo-young is the protagonist of a turbulent story, following her Moroccan husband and living with her in-laws in a foreign country, but managed to return to Korea after living a life close to confinement. Ahn Seo-yeong, who returned to Korea, was separated from her daughter Sophia at the recommendation of a welfare worker due to the trauma of living in Morocco, and lived with her daughter for about two years. In the meantime, Ahn So-young received psychiatric treatment, passed her GED, met and married her reliable boyfriend Noh Sang-jun. They also moved into a bigger house for Sophia.

Mr. Noh Sang-joon showed off his daughter-in-law looking for his daughter as soon as he got off work, and Sophia also made the studio cast happy by not leaving his side like a father's chewing gum. In an interview with the production team, Ahn Seo-young expressed overflowing happiness, saying, "This is a real family," and Noh Sang-jun also appeared in the studio and said, "We are considering adopting Sophia's adopted child." The two pledged, "It's not an easy situation, but I'll try to explain the absence of my father to the court."

Subsequently, Jisook Namgung revealed her current situation after six months. Namgung Ji-suk, who raises her daughter Byeol-i in the third grade of elementary school alone, received a realistic solution from a money trainer when she confessed to a household deficit of 90 million won in debt with a balance of 0 won when appearing in “High School Father 3.” Afterwards, he moved by reducing the size of his house to 20 pyeong, and received applause from everyone when he made a surprise announcement that “all debts have been settled.”

However, Byul, who was kind enough to cook for her mother, showed a period of resistance to her mother's strong attitude, saying, "It is difficult to increase the allowance," and finally locked the door and refused to talk. Namgung Ji-suk, taken aback by this, said, “I wonder if Byul-ie went through puberty sooner or not,” and proceeded with counseling on Byeol-ie’s precocious puberty.

As a result of the test, it was diagnosed that "Byeol is not in a state of worrying about precocious puberty, but her stress index is similar to that of a middle-aged woman. She needs psychological care from her mother." Namgung Ji-sook was upset, saying, "I had to be more firm because I was raising my child alone, so I had to be more stern." .

Namgung Ji-suk, who met Byul that evening, handed over a proposal for negotiation, saying, "I will give my mom an allowance every time I help her, and my mom will do better in the future." Byul also apologized by listing the things she did wrong. The studio cast applauded the warm reconciliation between the two mothers and daughters.

In addition, it was announced that MC Haha, who had been with Seasons 1-3 of 'High School Mom and Dad', would be leaving Season 3 at the end. Haha said, “I was able to learn and relate to a lot through ‘High School Mom and Dad. In the trailer that followed right after, the joining of the new MC of Season 4, Seo Jang-hoon, and the feast of unbearable bitterness were predicted, raising expectations and curiosity about Season 4.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google