'Demons' Kim Tae-ri and Oh Jeong-se have salvation narratives
'Demons' Kim Tae-ri and Oh Jeong-se have salvation narratives
There is no melodrama, but there is a bilateral salvation narrative between Kim Tae-ri and Oh Jeong-se that touches the heart more than that.

The SBS Friday-Saturday drama 'Ghost' is getting an explosive response due to the change in the relationship between San-yeong (Kim Tae-ri) and Hae-hae (Oh Jeong-se), who save each other.

Hae-hae was the first to reach out to San-yeong, who was engulfed in fear that the people around her would be sacrificed again by the evil spirits. Knowing the fear of seeing ghosts better than anyone else, he promised cooperation, saying, "I don't care what happens, so let's go with me." The demon that appeared in front of the sea in the form of a mountain spirit said, “I was a little boy at the time, but have you grown up? Who killed your mother?”, provoking him. The more this happened, the more Hae-hae firmly resolved to get rid of the evil spirit attached to San-young.

This relationship has changed. It is because the cruel truth has been revealed that the Haeui family created a demon by killing a child in an endless desire for wealth. However, when 'Eoduksini' attacked the collapsed sea, it was San-young who turned his back on him who pulled him out of the endless darkness. Hae-hae, who came back to his senses, confessed, "I just wanted to live while seeing painful fantasies, but San-yeong held my hand at that time." San-young, who could not be forgiven in her heart, also replied that she understood the time Hae-hae, who must have lived lonely for the rest of her life, had atone for.

Just as Kim Eun-hee gave a story to the Joseon version of the zombie in her previous work, 'Kingdom', each of the various ghosts in 'Ghost' has a warrior, which is connected to the key to solving the mystery. In the process, Sanyeong and Haehae were caught up in a whirlwind of complex emotions. In the last broadcast, Sanyoung felt sad about the demon's cruel sacrifice, and fell into the dilemma that she really needed the demon she had to get rid of.

Hae-hae was frustrated by the fact that it was her family who created the demon that killed her mother to accumulate the wealth she had enjoyed and lived. As a result, their relationship changes, but the narrative toward the same goal in the end is another fun point of 'Demon'. And the touching story of redemption that builds up over and over again can touch the heart more thanks to Kim Tae-ri and Oh Jeong-se's chemistry and acting, which gave persuasive power to the detailed emotional changes San-yeong and Ha-hae go through.

Today (20th), the behind-the-scenes cut released by the 'Ghost' side contains the process of creating such a salvation narrative by the two actors Tae-ri Kim and Jeong-se Oh. It turns out that constant conversation, analysis, and research to not miss a single detail are accompanied, and it tells us that their chemistry did not just come out. “(Actress Oh Jeong-se) had similar points of concern, and shared the concerns of the other character. Kim Tae-ri, who said that just being together on the set gave me peace of mind,” said Tae-ri Kim, “Later, I worked very happily, such as bursting into laughter just looking at his face. So, we even joked about wanting to make another director’s cut spin-off of a comedy that couldn’t be melted in terms of genre.” Oh Jeong-se also said, “(Kim Tae-ri) is a clear, healthy and passionate actor. I was able to act together with a comfortable and reliable heart.”

How the two people who save each other and hold hands again to get rid of the 'evil' is an important point to watch in 'The Devil', which has only 4 episodes left until the end. The production crew said, “Among the five items related to the demons, there are a glass bottle and a jade hairpin that Sanyeong and Haejae have to find. He also has to find out why San-yeong's father, Kang-mo (played by Jin Seon-gyu), couldn't get rid of the demon. With the demons encroaching on San-yeong more and more, such as the amount of time San-young cannot remember, I hope you will keep an eye on the outcome of the collaboration between the two.”

'Ghost' is broadcast every Friday and Saturday at 10 PM.

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google