Kim Won-hae dies but 'goblin', four unanswered questions
Kim Won-hae dies but 'goblin', four unanswered questions
SBS Fri-Sat drama 'Ghost' has only 4 episodes left until the end. In the last 8 episodes, the shocking truth was revealed that the mystery of the demon, which started from the terrible murder of a girl in Jangjin-ri in 1958, began with the cruel desires and evil deeds of the Hae-hae (played by Oh Jeong-se)'s family. However, Sanyeong (Kim Tae-ri) and Hae-hae still have the task of getting rid of the evil spirits. And for this, there are four questions that the two must uncover.

#One. 'Why' does the evil spirit show San-young a clue?
The first clues the demon left through Sanyoung were the numbers '21' and '176'. This was the 'page number' in Gangmo's book that explained Taejagwi, which means a ghost who died in childhood. And this number was connected to the past of Baekchagol Village and Gyeong-moon (played by Park Ji-young), and Hae-hae eventually found a piece of blue pottery sealed in the yard of the house where Gyeong-moon's mother was killed.

The evil spirit then pointed to a picture of Woojin (played by Kim Sinbi), a friend of the sea who became a ghost, taken at a temple. And a black rubber band was found under the flower tree donated by Gangmo to this temple. In this way, Sanyeong and Hae-hae got their hands on 3 out of 5 items related to demons, including the red ribbon left by Gangmo, a piece of blue pottery, and a black rubber band. However, this is a necessary item to get rid of evil spirits. This raises questions about why the evil spirit leaves clues for Sanyeong and Hae-hae to find this item.

#2. 'Why' did the demon attract the sea?
It was not Kangmo who left a letter to Hae-hae, saying, “Please protect my daughter San-yeong,” but a demon attached to Kang-mo. Through this, Hae-hae learned why Kang-mo refused to meet him and disappeared while stopping the thesis presentation. However, he couldn't understand why the demon had attracted Yi Jewa to him. According to Grandma Byeong-hee's (Kim Hae-sook) plan, the demon should have been inherited from the sea. Hae-hae sacrificed everything for her mother, who was killed while trying to stop it, and chased the evil spirits. Then, the second question arises whether the demon has another reason for needing the offspring of the family that created the demon.

#3. 'Why' couldn't Gangmo and the sea mother get rid of the demon?
Hae-hae's mother, who knew the secret of the family, and Kang-mo, who met her while investigating the Jangjin-ri area, also knew how to get rid of evil spirits. Five items related to evil spirits are sealed with a gold string to prevent bad luck, buried in the place where the spirit of the demon killed them, and carrying a piece of paper with the name of the evil spirit written on it. However, the demons did not disappear, and they were killed by the demons. Kangmo, who decorated the opening of the first episode, hurriedly looked into the research notebook and murmured anxiously, “What is wrong?” It meant that Kangmo was missing something. And only when he finds out the reason for his failure can Sanyeong and Haejae also get rid of the evil spirits.

#4. 'Why' are people who are not related to the person possessed by the demons sacrificed?
In the last broadcast, anxiety peaked as Hong-sae (Hong Kyung-min) of the violent crime investigation team opened a door that should not be opened. In front of the door was a demon in the shape of a mountain spirit. Judging from their actions so far, it is possible to guess that one of Hong-sae and Mun-chun (played by Kim Won-hae) in the Kang Su-dae office will die. From the voice phishing criminal who scammed Sanyeong and her daughter to Kangmo and Haehae's mother, everyone died like that. However, the question raised here is why the demons are aiming for these detectives who have nothing to do with San-yeong's desire. The death of her grandmother, Seok-ran (played by Ye Su-jeong), was similar. Neither San-yeong nor her mother Gyeong-moon wanted her inheritance in the first place. In response, the production team hinted, "On the broadcast today (21st), the sea gets a decisive clue from a death unrelated to the person with the evil spirit."

The 9th episode of 'Ghost' will be broadcast today (21st) at 10pm.

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia translated by google