Kim Jun-ho faced the biggest crisis in his broadcasting life
Kim Jun-ho faced the biggest crisis in his broadcasting life
Kim Jun-ho and Lim Won-hee, who appeared as surprise guests on home shopping hosted by Lee Sang-min, will reveal their dizzying home shopping live broadcast challenge.

In the SBS entertainment show 'My Little Old Boy', which airs on the 23rd, Kim Jun-ho and Lim Won-hee meet Jung Kyung-mi and Yoon Hyung-bin, the 'home shopping sold-out myth', to learn the know-how of conducting the first home shopping live broadcast in their lives. The two start with customized ment lessons for home shopping and digest extreme training with the highest level of difficulty. Im Won-hee said, "I remember my mother," and suddenly shed tears, raising questions about the identity of the special training that made Im Won-hee shed tears.

5 minutes before the live broadcast of home shopping, Joon-ho Kim and Lim Won-hee, unlike 'home shopping veteran' Lee Sang-min, are very nervous. In addition, it is rumored that Jun-ho Kim suddenly shows off a transitional poem with a product for sale, while Im Won-hee spreads an unimaginable mukbang that eats up even the products on display, and everyone at the recording studio couldn't stop laughing.

When the sale of rice cookers, the last product to be sold, begins and all kinds of food that can be made with rice cookers are constantly appearing, Kim Jun-ho and Im Won-hee are shocked. The mother Bengers, who was watching, also expressed surprise, saying, “The rice does not decrease.” As food refills continued regardless of whether they ate or ate, Kim Jun-ho said that he ended up losing his mind during the live broadcast.

'Food comes after hard work?!' Kim Jun-ho and Lim Won-hee's great home shopping live broadcast challenge, facing the biggest crisis of broadcasting life with infinite mukbang, can be found in 'My Little Old Boy', which airs at 9:05 pm on the same day.

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia translated by google