'Arthdal 2' reading scene filled by Lee Joon-gi instead of Song Joong-ki
'Arthdal 2' reading scene filled by Lee Joon-gi instead of Song Joong-ki
'Sword of Aramun' started with the script reading and raised the anchor of the first voyage.

tvN's new Saturday drama 'Sword of Aramun' is a new name for Season 2 of 'Arthdal Chronicles'. Draws the fateful story of Ha.

Here, actors Jang Dong-gun (Tagon), Lee Joon-gi (Eunseom, Saya), Shin Se-kyung (Tanya), and Kim Ok-bin (Taeal-ha) meet and interest is pouring in. Tagon, played by Jang Dong-gun, is the first king of Arthdal who wages a great war for absolute power. Shin Se-kyung plays the role of Tanya, the high priest of Arthdal who uses God's will for the sake of the people, and Kim Ok-bin plays the role of Taeal-ha, a politician who uses anything for his own goals.

At the script reading site of 'The Sword of Aramun' that day, all the leading actors who will make the drama, including the main actors, were seated. While Shin Se-kyung was unable to be together due to the confirmation of Corona 19, the pleasant pleasure of being together in one place for the first time in a long time and the excitement ahead of a new start filled the scene of the script reading.

As soon as the reading started, the scene quickly changed into a hot-rolling arena for actors who were immersed in their characters, warming up the atmosphere by demonstrating stable breathing as well as acting.

First, Jang Dong-gun added a heavy weight to the role of Tagon, the first king of Arthdal, who stood at the pinnacle of power after a desperate struggle. The deep eyes added to the profound voice made it possible to gauge the depth of the long and long narrative of the Tagon character. In particular, the reading alone aroused admiration, from the courageous spirit of Tagon, who caused a great war for absolute power, to the agony of the leader.

The performance of Lee Joon-gi, who will play two roles in one person as Eunseom and Saya, also attracted attention. Lee Joon-gi broadly expressed the sharp and agile side of the character Saya, a sworn friend, along with the solid fighting spirit of Eunseom, the integrated leader of the Ago people. As a result, attention is being paid to Lee Joon-gi's new transformation, which will digest the characters Eunseom and Saya, who have polar opposite tendencies, like tailored clothes.

Kim Ok-bin's passion that permeates the character of Taeal-ha, a seasoned politician who uses anything for his own goals, also drew attention. Kim Ok-bin captivated the script reading room with a powerful expression of Taeal-ha's unstoppable sprint and ambition with a stormy desire, and a strong impact. Kim Ok-bin's fatal charm, which will bloom once again as Taealha, is expected.

The production team of 'Aramun's Sword' recalled, "It was a precious time to once again feel the passion of the actors and the affection of the work." "'Sword of Aramun' will show interesting stories stemming from various relationships, including the inevitable confrontation between the hero Tagon and Eunseom, who became his formidable adversary. Please look forward to who will take over Arthdal and who will become the protagonist of a new myth after the end of the devastating great war.”

'Sword of Aramun' is set to air in September 2023.

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google