'Prince of Congo' Jonathan, is his life in danger overseas?
'Prince of Congo' Jonathan, is his life in danger overseas?
In the travel entertainment 'Should have been at home' (hereinafter referred to as 'Home Girl'), Park Se-mi, a 'Han-Tangist', appeared as a new travel mate and faced off with 'Secretary Secretary' Jonathan.

On the episode of 'Should have been at home' aired on the 21st, Jonathan, suffering from water phobia, tried scuba diving for the first time in his life.

The previous night, the production team proposed a mission, saying, "If you succeed in diving at the 'Blue Cave', a scuba diving point, we will pay 10,000 yen." When Jonathan, who was afraid of knee-high water due to water phobia, got scared, Patricia persuaded her brother, saying, “You should try it at least once in your life.” Jonathan thought, "You brought me here to assassinate me." However, under the conditions of continuous persuasion from Hae-joon Kim and Patricia, and a large amount of travel expenses, Jonathan finally decided to acquire it.

So the next morning was bright. However, the weather with the wind blowing even the waves welcomed the three of them. Jonathan arrived at the blue cave in a serious condition due to the unusual waves. However, the production crew said, “It is impossible to enter the Blue Cave because the waves are high. So, I prepared another place.” Kim Hae-joon and Patricia learned how to breathe with a heart full of excitement, and soon went into the water and began to enjoy the sea comfortably.

On the other hand, Jonathan, who was afraid of the shallow waters, had repeated moments of fear, such as sea water entering his nose, but he took up courage and challenged himself to go in again. Gradually facing the creatures of the sea, Jonathan succeeded in diving for the first time in his life. Patricia also admired, saying, “It was so new and mysterious.” With the success of the diving mission, the three obtained a large travel fee of 10,000 yen and enjoyed a hearty breakfast.

Park Semi-mi, who was invited by Kim Hae-joon the day before, arrived at the accommodation of the 'Travel Beginner Trio'. Park Se-mi, who was united by tension, expected a strong welcome, but was shocked when faced with the fact that there was no one in the accommodation. Park Se-mi called Kim Hae-joon, the 'invited person', and asked where he was. Haejun Kim, noticing that Park Se-mi's voice was intensified, said, "I was thinking about what to buy for food to treat Se-mi." Park Semi-mi expressed her preference, saying, “All I need is a piece of meat and a glass of alcohol.” The three of them shopped at the traditional market according to Semi's taste.

Jonathan, Haejun Kim, and Patricia returned to the dorm with both hands full of luggage. Park Se-mi said, “What I imagined is a luxury hotel… Are you having your first meeting with me like this?” he asked. When Haejun Kim didn't know what to do, Patricia burst into laughter at the rare sight, saying, "It's the first time I've seen Haejun oppa flustered." In the meantime, the production team tried to pay 10,000 yen for a special trip to the three people who succeeded in inviting Park Se-mi. The three conceded the honor of receiving travel expenses to Park Semi.

To the trio who could not prepare enough alcohol due to lack of money, Park Se-mi took out a special travel fee and said, “Let’s drink with this. I'm going to use all of this.” Then, secretary Jonathan tried to take away the special travel expenses, saying, “I am the secretary here.” However, Hae-jun Kim joined the one-tang rule by saying, "Let's use it all!" Even Patricia complied, saying, “Yes, I like it too!”

In the end, Jonathan, who was defeated by a majority vote, was deprived of the general secretary authority by Park Se-mi. They decided to shop at the convenience store again to buy snacks, as Park Semi-mi had wished. Seeing Park Semi preparing to go to the convenience store with Jonathan right away, Patricia said, "It's the next level of tension I've ever seen. I do not rest,” he admired. Haejun Kim, tired of the otherworldly tension, said, “Can I return the money and repatriate the semis? I should have starved,” he regretted his invitation. With Jonathan following Se-mi Park as if he were eventually taken in, it is hoped that the robbery of the convenience store by Jonathan of 'thriftism' and Se-mi Park of 'hantangism' will end smoothly.

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google