'Dentist from comedian' Kim Young-sam "There are many lectures abroad"
'Dentist from comedian' Kim Young-sam "There are many lectures abroad"
Dentist Kim Young-sam reveals how he became a famous dentist.

Hair loss specialist Han Sang-bo, urinary medicine specialist Hong Seong-woo, and wisdom teeth specialist Kim Young-sam appear in JTBC's 'Knowing Brother', which airs on the 22nd. They plan to unveil episodes beyond imagination by field, as well as dig into the truth about various myths.

On this day, Kim Young-sam, who became famous as a dentist specializing in wisdom teeth, said, “I am abroad to lecture for half a year. That’s why I only fly for about a month a year,” surprising everyone. Then, the older brothers ask about 'how he became a world-famous dentist', and he explains the reason, saying, "I think my technique for wisdom tooth extraction and implants was unique and original."

In addition, Kim Young-sam said, “Koreans have good hand skills.” In particular, Korean dental technicians make the teeth of Hollywood stars,” revealing the dignity of Korean dentists.

In addition to this, Kim Young-sam reveals an unexpected individual technique that applied the principle of wisdom tooth extraction. He said, "The principle of removing the cork from a wine bottle when wisdom teeth are extracted is not the principle of removing the cap from a beer bottle."

Various episodes of Wisdom teeth specialist Kim Young-sam, hair loss specialist Han Sang-bo, and urology specialist Hong Seong-woo can be found on 'Knowing Brother', which airs at 8:50 pm on the 22nd.

Kim Young-sam debuted in the 16th KBS Comedian Contest in 2001. However, due to health problems, he retired after a short period of activity. After two spinal surgeries, his health deteriorated and he had no choice but to quit the comedian. Afterwards, Kim Young-sam, who left for a foreign country, drew attention by revealing that he is currently working as the director of a large dental hospital located in Gangnam, Seoul.

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google