Song Ji-hyo, was she conscious of the 'attitude controversy'?
Song Ji-hyo, was she conscious of the 'attitude controversy'?
Song Ji-hyo breaks away from the clown and shows off her hot-blooded bestiality.

On SBS entertainment 'Running Man', which will be broadcast on the 23rd, a fierce quiz showdown between Haha, Song Ji-hyo, Jeon So-min, and Yang Se-chan of 'Kangkang Line' will unfold during the trip to Gyeongju.

The recent recording is decorated with the second '2023 Running Tour Project', 'Yoo Jae-seok's Cultural Heritage Exploration'. A quiz show about acquiring Gyeongju souvenirs draws attention as a 'corner within a corner'. In the quiz showdown announced from the beginning of Yoo Jae-Suk's travel plan, the members try to cram the race in their own way and cannot hide their tension.

At the end of each travel course, when quizzes of various difficulty levels were poured out, Haha and Yang Se-chan, "Kangkang Brothers," complained of quiz anxiety, saying, "I feel like I'm going crazy because my heart beats." In response, the members said, "Is it really only this much?", "Did you do it to be funny?"

Song Ji-hyo said, “I came to (Gyeongju) a month ago!”, “It fits in my ears!” and shows the appearance of an avid student in the first row of the Gyeongju trip, raising expectations for a reversal result. In addition, Jeon So-min said, "I have a good short-term memory!" while reciting Gyeongju's cultural assets, and said that she surprised the scene by writing the answer the fastest among the members, wondering if Song Ji-hyo and Jeon So-min, the 'Kangkang sisters', could establish themselves as new honor students. Noticed.

The third runner of the '2023 Running Tour Project' will be decided through the quiz showdown, so the quiz showdown continued without any concessions. The result can be confirmed in 'Running Man', which is broadcasted at 6:15 pm on the same day.

Previously, Song Ji-hyo was embroiled in controversy, saying that she showed a remarkably passive and insincere attitude, and went beyond criticism and even demanded to get off. However, in a recent broadcast, he quelled the attitude controversy by revealing for the first time everything from a bold body joke to the story that his parents run a ferry business in Tongyeong.

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia translated by google