Choi Siwon, 'Hairspray tanning prohibited' Chinese fan fact violence
Choi Siwon, 'Hairspray tanning prohibited' Chinese fan fact violence
Super Junior's Siwon Choi is dizzy at the love nagging of a Chinese fan who demanded 'no hairspray-tanning'.

Lee Yong-jin, Choi Si-won, Jo Se-ho, Joo Woo-jae, and Yoo Byung-jae together with Jang Do-yeon He holds a 'narcissistic fan meeting' and spends a good time with his fans.

Jang Do-yeon and the members have a time to 'ask anything' and listen to the fans' requests one by one. Fans of the couple, who said that Yoo Byung-jae hosted the wedding, reveal a story that Yoo Byung-jae paid 1 million won as a congratulatory money. Yoo Byung-jae composes impromptu poems for fans who are struggling with childcare, and exudes a warm charm that even gives pocket money to the fans' children.

As an idol with 19 years of debut, Siwon Choi, who has a lot of long-time fans, has a fan meeting with a subtly different temperature from the other members who create warm scenes with the fans, drawing laughter. A Chinese fan blows 'Fact Violence' at Choi Siwon and nags him for love. Siwon Choi, who has a lot of fan meeting experience, reacts as if it is a familiar situation. For 19-year-old fans who request 'my own wake-up call', a cool wake-up call worthy of 'Cool Choi' is presented.

After being thrilled with the first fan meeting after 23 years of debut, when it was Jo Se-ho's turn to become 'Crying Se-ho', guest Jang Do-yeon drew attention by introducing, "This is the last main character." Yoo Byeong-jae joked to a fan that the first celebrity he liked was Jo Se-ho, saying, "(usually) do you like eccentricities?"

Jo Se-ho listened to the fan's request to smell the perfume, but the fan sniffed Jo Se-ho's scent and backed away, causing laughter. Jo Se-ho also reenacts a scene from 'The Glory' with the husband of a fan of 'Geumsapa (Fall in Love)' who resembles actor Lee Do-hyun.

Jo Se-ho also gives fans a big smile with the 'Obongsan Taryeong' dance, which is a hot topic in Jangan. At this time, when the third eye (?) is opened by taking off the outerwear, Joo Woo-jae fans sitting across from him cover their eyes and burst into laughter. Fans of Jo Se-ho and Woo-jae Joo showed extreme reactions to his 'Obongsan Taryeong' dance.

On this day, Jang Do-yeon and the members have a dance competition with gifts for fans. At 48.6 seconds, the group stopped dancing happily, and there was a gift giving coffee coupons to the fans of the member closest to them. Jo Se-ho summoned 'Gornomas (Jo Se-ho + Bruno Mars)' and performed a trance dance, causing laughter.

Broadcast at 10:45 on Sunday night.

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia translated by google