Kim Min-joon, did you remember the past life merger... Keep your eyes on Park Joo-mi who is naked
Kim Min-joon, did you remember the past life merger... Keep your eyes on Park Joo-mi who is naked
Kim Min-joon was seduced by Park Joo-mi without even knowing it.

The 9th episode of TV Chosun's weekend miniseries 'Assi Durian', which aired on the 22nd, recorded a nationwide rating of 5.4% according to Nielsen Korea, and the highest rating in Bundang soared to 6.0%.

On this day's broadcast, Durian (played by Park Joo-mi) and Danchi (played by Kim Min-joon) gradually grew fonder toward each other. However, Kim So-jeo (played by Lee Da-yeon) was distressed and restrained her emotions after learning that Dan Deung-myeong (played by Yoo Jeong-hoo), who looked just like her dead husband, had a fiance to marry.

Durian and Kim So-ja entered hypnosis treatment as a way to recover their memories, making them expect a sense of Danchi and Danchijeong (Ji Young-san). However, the story of Kim So-jeo, who cried "I'm dead," was about a dog, and Durian suddenly fell asleep, and both hypnotic treatment failed.

Durian, Dan Chi-gam, Dan Chi-jeong, and Kim So-je had a meal together, and Durian recalled the anecdotes of Dolsoe and Park Il-soo in his previous life as he watched Dan Chi-gam and Dan Chi-jeong brothers sitting side by side across from him. After Durian and Dolsoe merged in their previous life, Park Il-soo instructed Dolsoe to enter the cold valley water, and Dolsoe, who had been in the icy water for a long time, opened his eyes wide and trembled while biting his teeth.

In the end, Dolsoe passed out and was taken away to a doctor. Durian, who recalled the time when his heart sank at the word that Dolsoe's body was like a dead corpse, looked at the smirking Danchijeong in his present life and the Danchi who now has everything, and complicated complexities. caught up in the heart

During the meal, Dan Chi-jeong announced the existence of Ayla (played by Kim Chae-eun) to So-jeo Kim, whose casting in the drama 'Jeong-ryeong' was confirmed, saying, "I actually feel good feelings while filming the drama. Deungmyeong has someone to marry." Kim So-je was shocked. Returning home, Durian comforted Kim So-jeo to accept that Dan Deung-myung had a fiancee, and Kim So-jeo reassured herself, saying, "It's better than any other old lady gone."

Kim So-je shed tears of upset, and when Durian asked him to meet another good relationship, she poured out her desperation for her husband with sobbing, saying, "My father-in-law is the only one in my life. I want to meet him again in my next life." paid At that time, Dan Deung-myeong, who came to deliver the script for 'Jeong Do-ryeong', was surprised to see Kim So-jeo, who was a wind of tears, and asked if anything bad happened.

Kim So-je embarrassed Dan Deung-myeong by answering calmly in a completely different atmosphere from before. In particular, Kim So-ja confidently persuaded Dan Deung-myeong that he did not want to become an actor, and then cut off Dan Deung-myeong's suggestion to match the script, saying that he would read and study alone. After that, Ayla came to Baek Do-i's house to meet Baek Do-i (Choi Myung-gil), who was discharged from the hospital.

However, the cake Ayla bought for Doi Baek collided with Sojeo Kim and fell and was destroyed. As a result, Ayla lost her temper to Kim So-jeo and behaved harshly. Moreover, Ayla glared at Kim So-jeo with a cold gaze, and when she heard that she had been cast as Dan Deung-myeong's counterpart, she expressed extreme excitement and said, "What if the drama fails?", raising tension.

On the other hand, Durian took out the cosmetics that Dan Chi gave him to put on and said, "I always take it. I want to pay it back, but I have to pay it back, but I can't convey this feeling." At the end of the broadcast, Dan Chi-gam visited Baek Do-i's house and inadvertently entered the room to exercise when he heard that Durian and Kim So-jeo were working out in the basement. It heightened the sense of dizziness as the gaze-fixed ending unfolded in which a sense of Danchi took off his jacket and looked at Durian, which is neat and elegant itself, with a towel off his neck and collarbone.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google