Park Jung-min, Jo In-seong, Yoona, bowed his head at the time of trouble
Park Jung-min, Jo In-seong, Yoona, bowed his head at the time of trouble
Actor Park Jung-min apologized for not being able to guess the work of fellow actors Jo In-seong and Yoona Go Min-si, who appeared in the work together in the snack game.

On tvN's 'Amazing Saturday', which aired on the 22nd, actors Yeom Jung-ah, Park Jung-min, and Go Min-si appeared.

On this day, Yeom Jung-ah and Park Jung-min attracted attention with their second appearance in 'Nolto'. Park Jung-min expressed his aspiration, "I feel comfortable and have a good memory. I will enjoy it today." On this day, it was reported that Yum Jung-ah picked Taeyeon as the memorable member for her second appearance on 'Nolto'. Yum Jung-ah made Taeyeon happy by confessing, "The last time I came out, Taeyeon-ssi had just started playing 'Nolto', and she did very well.

Park Jung-min mentioned the boom, saying, "It's sad to see the boom. The other day, he wasn't very good at acting." Then, he suggested, "So why didn't you take acting lessons from senior Hwang Jung-min? I think that senior Hwang Jung-min's acting classes were wrong. Why don't you take acting lessons from senior Jung-ah Yeom today?" Upon hearing this, Yeom Jeong-ah immediately refused and laughed, saying, "I don't think Boom's acting style suits me."

Su-nam Seo and Cheong-il Ha began dictating the “life of a miser” over the salty fish soup in Mokpo Free Market. Shin Dong-yeop surprisingly did well and wrote more than half of the lyrics at once. Confident Shin Dong-yeop made the first attempt, but failed.

I wrote 70% listening chance. Park Jung-min confidently wrote the answer, saying, "I heard everything." However, the members pointed out one wrong place and Park Jung-min immediately agreed. I took on the second challenge and was able to taste clear rockfish soup with success.

Next, 'Guess Holmes' started with two types of cream latte. A place in the drama was given, and it was a matter of getting it right. Nucksal shouted "Coffee Prince's 3rd shop", but he was wrong. Kim Dong-hyun then shouted "Coffee Prince's 1st store" and got the answer right.

When the next location came out, Nucksal shouted "Miracle in Room 7". When Boom said it was wrong, Seyoon Moon immediately shouted, “A gift from Room 7,” and got the answer right. Then, when thinking about it, Yeom Jeong-ah got the correct answer.

Park Jung-min laughed because he couldn't get it right even though he and the actors who acted appeared in it. I couldn't guess the appearances of Go Min-si and Yoona, and I couldn't guess Jo In-sung's 'It's Okay, That's Love', so I hung my head.

Again, thanks to Nucksal's mistake, Hanhae got the answer right. Nucksal finally answered the next question and drank coffee. Park Na-rae, Shin Dong-yeop, and Park Jung-min were the only three people who could not get the correct answer. Finally, when Kim Dong-hyun's house in 'The Return of Superman' was revealed, Shin Dong-yeop was right.

Seasoned octopus with vinegar was served as the second dish. Paul Kim's 'At the Han River' dictation was given. Kim Dong-hyun listened to the song, and Go Min-si tried to correct it several times, but failed. Then, the members who saw Boom's Boom Mountain Mask Dance hint continued to listen to it for the second time, and succeeded with Yeom Jeong-ah's attempt.

Park Jung-min expressed his feelings, "Next time, I will surpass Kim Dong-hyun." Go Min-si said, "It was an honor to sit next to senior Kim Dong-hyun."

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia translated by google