Lee Chun-soo's house Lee Chun-soo's mother came with the password again
Lee Chun-soo's house Lee Chun-soo's mother came with the password again
Former soccer player Lee Chun-soo said something to his mother who visited his house without contact.

In KBS2's 'Salim Men 2' (hereafter referred to as 'Salim Nam 2'), which aired on the 22nd, Lee Chun-su was shown going on a filial piety tour with the mothers of both families.

On this day, Lee Chun-su's mother-in-law and Shim Ha-eun's mother visited Lee Chun-su's house and prepared cucumber salad for her son-in-law. While the storekeepers were spending time making and feeding them seasoned cucumbers, Lee Chun-soo's mother naturally entered the house's password and appeared.

While Chun-soo Lee was taken aback by his mother's sudden visit, Ji-hye Kim pointed out, "The lady pressed the password again without contact.

Lee Chun-soo also got angry, saying, "I don't call in advance, what if I press the password and come in?" Lee Chun-soo's mother showed a confident appearance, saying, "It's my son's house, how is it?" Park Joon-hyeong, who saw this, watched Lee Chun-soo, saying, "Are you receiving the 'Brave Husband' award following the 'Brave Citizen'?"

In addition, she embarrassed Lee Chun-soo by saying that she had been making seasoned cucumber side dishes for her son like her mother-in-law. Lee Chun-soo's mother-in-law called Chun-su Lee "son" and treated him warmly, but Chun-su Lee's mother said to her in-law, "Why do you call your son-in-law when you are my son? Call him son-in-law" and sat down at the table.

My mother-in-law said she would treat me to a meal, and Chun-su Lee's mother said she would treat me as a guest. After the meal, the three chatted. Lee Chun-soo's mother said, "Your daughter comes often. Is your son comfortable?"

Lee Chun-soo prepared a filial piety tour for the two mothers who feel awkward when only the two of them are left. Lee Chun-soo said, "It's been 10 years since we got married, but there weren't many places (the two of them). So I prepared,” he explained.

Prior to that, Lee Chun-soo had a long way to go, 'Is it too far?', 'The food is sweet or salty', 'It's a waste of money', 'It's better to cook at home for this money', 'Telling strangers that I'm Lee Chun-soo's mother', 'Home is the best' He explained the Ten Commandments that must be followed on the filial piety tour, saying that words such as 'all' are prohibited.

They set out on a Gwanghwamun tour, a memory trip to feel the old sensibility, and a food tour. The mother of both families, beautifully dressed in school uniform, smiled with satisfaction. While Lee Chun-su was away for a while, Lee Chun-su's mother-in-law hoped that her daughter-in-law would come and help her because she was very busy and had a lot of work.

Lee Chun-soo's mother, who heard this, drew a line, saying, "Daughters-in-law are also uncomfortable with their mother-in-law. That's their mother's idea." In response, MC Kim Ji-hye, who was watching the video, advised, "Then you must not press the password and enter."

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google