'Son Ho-young's older sister' Son Jung-min confesses to being stalked
'Son Ho-young's older sister' Son Jung-min confesses to being stalked
Song Jung-min, a broadcaster known as the older sister of group g.o.d member Son Ho-young, confessed to being stalked.

Recently, Son Jung-min, who has been active in various fields such as VJ, reporter, MC, and drama, appeared on the YouTube channel 'Recent Olympics'.

In the released video, Son Jung-min was asked, "I saw it often on TV, the Internet, and SNS, but suddenly the news was cut off." In response, he said, "It disappeared. I quit. Can I talk about this?"

He continued, "After working for about 10 years, I built up personal connections and auditioned. There was a Chinese person on the side of the investor who produced the drama. That person was teasing."

He said, “Because I wasn’t a top star like my brother, Korean officials introduced to Chinese people, ‘He is a small celebrity. He said, 'I'll do it'."

Also, "Usually women like a man with a lot of money, but I just did that. I never thought, 'I have to meet a man and change my life.' It bothered me to the point that I wanted to disappear.”

When asked, "What did you do?", "He threatened to harm my family. I guess I didn't do what I wanted as a woman. He choked me. I passed out. When I woke up, I thought, 'I almost died.'" He said, "I couldn't even report it to the police, but I thought I could stop it with money. I thought I had to disappear. I wanted to run away and hid. I quit my job and went to the American countryside."

Son Jeong-min said, "At the time, just looking at Asian people, I thought, 'Are you sure you didn't come looking for me?' I had this thought. I thought that I shouldn't be exposed, so my fashion was a T-shirt and slippers. I had antiphobia."

Reporter Yoon Jun-ho, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google