SHINee's key shows off gender-transcending friendship
SHINee's key shows off gender-transcending friendship
The group SHINee's Key revealed their friendship with Girls' Generation's Taeyeon.

Recently, on SHINee's official YouTube channel, '[Sha.Gye.Han] EP.1-2 Have you ever been in love? | A video titled 'Spoiler' was posted.

In the released video, Key discussed with the members about the theme of 'Should the narrator in the song 'She broke up' have to confess?

In SHINee's 'She broke up', a woman who broke up with her lover calls the man in the narrator, and the man in the narrator ponders whether he should confess to the woman at this time.

Key asked, "Does the man in the narrator know this woman's ex-lover?"

Hearing this, Taemin replied, "I think the woman was bad. Didn't she call to say that we broke up?"

Regarding this, Taemin said, "But I think it's flirting to say, 'Please comfort me' while crying because you were abandoned by your lover." Key said, "It can't be," and showed a puzzled look.

In addition, Taemin said, "I don't think there can be friends between a man and a woman." Key said, "I can take a half-bath with Taenggu (Taeyeon)" and commented, "If I meet someone and break up and call Taenggu, I'm flirting? It may not be."

Minho said, “A man should confess. Because you're looking for an opportunity. “Perfect timing,” Taemin said, “No. Come to think of it, the woman was bad. But this man also has a lot of problems. To think that the pitiful woman looks prettier. said.

Reporter Yoon Jun-ho, Ten Asia translated by google