Lim Yoona had a conflict between Lee Junho and her senior at work.
Lim Yoona had a conflict between Lee Junho and her senior at work.
Lim Yoona is at a crossroads of choice.

In the 15th episode of JTBC's Saturday and Sunday drama 'King the Land', Cheon-rang (Lim Yoona), who does not lose her smile even after escaping from the King Hotel and falling to the place of exile, falls in love with Gu-won (Lee Jun-ho) and her first senior at work, Park Bo-yeon (Gong Yi-yeon). start thinking deeply.

In the last broadcast, a scandal with the third generation of chaebol erupted, and a crisis came to Gu-sa and Cheon-rang. When it was revealed that the person Guo-won loved was Cheon-rang, not only did the inside of the King Hotel turn upside down, but also Chairman Koo Il-hun (played by Son Byeong-ho) relegated Cheon-rang to the King Tourist Hotel while Guo was away on a business trip in consideration of company management and succession issues.

Recognizing that Gu Il-hoon's intention was not a request but an order, Cheon-rang headed to the King Tourist Hotel, which is called a place of exile among hoteliers, and reunited with Park Bo-yeon, who worked there. Angelang, who meets an acquaintance in a strange place, misses salvation by fulfilling his duty as a hotelier even in adverse circumstances.

In the published photos, Cheonrang is seen facing Gu Gu and smiling, attracting attention. Guo-won stays at the King Tourist Hotel to make sure he doesn't miss Cheon-rang, and Cheon-rang can't make a hasty decision in a situation where various interests are involved. However, their longing and affection grew as much as the time they were apart, and their smiles are in full bloom and their friendly eyes are dripping.

While having a good time, Gu-won is having a suspicious confrontation with Cheon-rang's first senior at work, Park Bo-yeon, which arouses curiosity. Gu-won, along with Park Bo-yeon, is staring at Cheon-rang, raising curiosity about each of their actions.

Interest is growing in today's (5th) broadcast, which will reveal one by one what happened between Guo-gu and Cheon-rang's senior at work, and whether Cheon-rang will be able to return to the King Hotel.

The 15th episode of 'King the Land' will be broadcast today (5th) at 10:30 pm.

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia translated by google