Choi Gwi-hwa "I bought land in the countryside and grew weeds for many years"
Choi Gwi-hwa "I bought land in the countryside and grew weeds for many years"
Actor Choi Gwi-hwa revealed that he has been growing weeds for many years after buying land in the countryside.

In MBN's 'Special World', which aired on the 3rd, actor Yang Dal-saem, who became a farmer in the countryside, was drawn in the middle of downtown Seoul.

On this day's broadcast, the production team of 'Special World' heard a mysterious chicken sound in the middle of Gangnam and visited it. Following the unfamiliar sound, a chicken walking in step with a human was captured. Yang Dal-sam said, "It's a chicken I'm raising. He's a little frustrated, and it's been raining lately, so he's been walking around in the sun, so I brought him out for a while."

Yang Dal-saem was raising 17 chickens. He said, "I am the world's farmer Yangdalsam. The sun, the moon and springs are the three most important elements in agriculture and nature." "It's about bringing the countryside to the city," he added. Yang Dal-saem's original job was an actor. He is living the life of a farmer now. What is the story of his life as a city farmer? Yang Dal-saem was growing trees in the city that were difficult to grow in the countryside. "I've been here for 15 years," he said.
Choi Gwi-hwa "I bought land in the countryside and grew weeds for many years"
Choi Gwi-hwa "I bought land in the countryside and grew weeds for many years"
Dalsaem Yang is an actor who appeared in a number of music videos in the early 2000s. He was loved for his exotic appearance. Yang Dal-sam said, "When I started acting, it worked out well. I appeared in a music video under a famous director and people recognized me on the street. The top actor in Korea said, 'Hey, you are unconditional.' "he explained.

Also, Yang Dal-sam said, "I had a dream of becoming an actor and I tried my best. First of all, the acting job didn't go well, so I did all sorts of things. I worked as a director, production department, and manager in the industry. I also worked at a composting company. I also worked as a tutor. I did everything to make money." He added, "I've been to the bottom. I've been to the point where I can't really be respected by anyone. Through farming, I was recognized and respected by people, and that made me feel comfortable. As an actor, I don't have fans, but as a farmer, I do."

Choi Gwi-hwa visited Yangdalsaem's rooftop vegetable garden. Yang Dal-saem and Choi Gwi-hwa have known each other since they were unknown. Choi Gwi-hwa looked at the plants in Yang Dal-saem's rooftop garden and began to explain. Choi Gwi-hwa said, "An anti-weed expert." In response, Yang Dal-saem was surprised and said, "This is not a joke."

Choi Gwi-hwa said, "I am really interested in weeds. I bought land in the countryside and have been raising weeds for many years. By grazing." He added, "It's really amazing that they can grow this far. They're not annual plants, but perennial trees. This is really difficult. I've tried everything. It doesn't even grow this far and it's really amazing."

In addition, Choi Gwi-hwa said, "There is something regrettable about the work that my brother and I first met. I remember that it was the first commercial film. It was not released for six years after filming." Then he said, "I hope that hyung will resume his acting little by little. Do it without letting go of the string at all. Hyung, too, it's a waste. Starting with independent films."

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google