Kim Nam-gil "I was sensitive, I was stressed out by making people around me difficult"
Kim Nam-gil "I was sensitive, I was stressed out by making people around me difficult"
Actor Kim Nam-gil tells the story of becoming a professional mood maker.

On the 66th episode of Channel A's 'Mom's Travel Because I Like Go Doo-shim', which airs on August 1, Kim Nam-gil appears as a guest. Go Doo-shim and Kim Nam-gil, who acted together in the TV drama 'Island', go on a trip to Sokcho that day. During their trip to Sokcho, the two actors visited a seafood soup restaurant and had a sincere talk.

Kim Nam-gil opened his mouth, saying, "I made people around me very difficult because of my sensitive appearance while acting in the past." He confessed his past experience, "From a certain point on, I was stressed because the set was difficult and the acting was not good."

Kim Nam-gil revealed the story of how he changed into an atmosphere maker, saying, "As I was looking for a way to survive as an actor, I found that the set was comfortable and I could enjoy acting when I was comfortable. From then on, I began to think about relationships with people and get along well." did. Hearing this, Go Doo-shim actively sympathized with him, saying, "That's right, and I will be able to act better by promising the next time."

Go Doo-shim praised junior actor Kim Nam-gil, saying, "It's not easy to lead the atmosphere well while being the main character on set, but Nam-gil is really good at it." He continued, "When I look at Nam Gil, I really like the rapport with the staff." It is rumored that Kim Nam-gil made the filming site enjoyable by claiming to be the atmosphere maker at the filming site 'because he has a good sense of humor'.

Go Doo-shim and Kim Nam-gil enjoy the unexplored scenery of Mt. Seorak, where the mountains spread like a panorama, and visit a hanok cafe located in Seorak-san National Park to taste pumpkin sikhye and Schisandra chinensis tea to beat the summer heat.

Also, take a boat ride between Abai Village, a collective settlement for displaced people, and downtown Sokcho, and visit a 72-year-old Hamheung naengmyeon restaurant to taste Hamheung naengmyeon. Then, they visit the Sangdomun Stone Wall Village, which has a 500-year-old tradition under Mt. After the Korean War, civilians were banned from entering the area, but they plan to walk directly to Oeongchi Sea Fragrance, which was first opened in 2018.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia
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