Ckmonsters lost their first straight game of the season, they were again in danger of releasing players.
Ckmonsters lost their first straight game of the season, they were again in danger of releasing players.
Ckmonsters recorded their first consecutive loss this season and were again in danger of releasing players.

In the 51st episode of JTBC's entertainment program 'Ckmonsters', which aired on the 31st, the first game between the Ckmonsters and Busan High School was held.

The next opponent for Ckmonsters, who lost in the second game against Chungam High School, is Busan High School, a team in the best condition, winning the 2023 Golden Lion and winning 17 consecutive wins. Busan High School, which suffered two consecutive losses to the strongest monsters last year, returned with gnashing teeth for revenge.

In addition to the more powerful Busan High School, the enemy of Ckmonsters in this match was the heat with the perceived temperature exceeding 40 degrees. The strongest Monsters had to struggle against the scorching heat as well as the stronger Busan High School.

Shin Jae-young took the mound as the starting pitcher in this game and pitched a scoreless pitch until the 6th inning. However, the hitters' bats did not help Shin Jae-young. Ckmonsters consistently created scoring chances, but failed to connect with the score. The super play of the Busan High School defender, which overturned everyone's expectations, broke the strongest Monsters' will to attack.

In the end, Shin Jae-young passed the ball to ace Lee Dae-eun and came down the mound in the 7th inning. Lee Dae-eun threw the ball at 140km/h from the practice pitch and showed her will to win, but Busan High School coach Park Gye-won shook Ckmonsters with a strategy order. Busan High School succeeded in gaining the first point by attacking without missing the fine cracks of the strongest Monsters.

Jeong Geun-woo, who allowed the first run due to a painful mistake, tried desperately by walking and stealing, but he was unable to receive help from the subsequent at-bats and blew the chance in vain.

Ckmonsters had a chance to load the bases with 2 outs in the 8th inning. The moment Choi Soo-hyun's hit ball crossed the ground, Busan High School's shortstop Yang Hyuk-jun caught the out count with a super diving catch and extinguished the pursuit. Ckmonsters stopped for words at the unbelievable defense.

However, Ckmonsters showed their will to win until the end. In the ninth inning, Kim Moon-ho walked on base, followed by Park Yong-taek's double. Lee Dae-ho advanced with an intentional walk and reached the bases loaded with one out. In a situation where the score was tied with one outfield fly, Chung Eui-yoon came to bat. However, he made a double play that was the exact opposite of his will, and the game ended.

Ckmonsters could not hide their mixed feelings about the first consecutive loss of the season. Chung Eui-yoon, who blew the last chance, was greatly discouraged. Director Jang Si-won carefully comforted him in case he lost his confidence. Coach Seong-Geun Kim also couldn't hide his confused mind as he couldn't leave the director's office for a long time after the game. He said, “I need to solve something, but it doesn’t work, I give points that I don’t have to give, and as I pass day by day, I’m not chasing after them, but in peace… Whether I lose or win, I wonder if I live in it.”

With the first consecutive loss of the season, Ckmonsters recorded 9 wins and 5 losses in 14 games, and the winning rate fell to 60 4 3 li. With only 6 games remaining until 20 games, they were placed in a situation where they had to win 5 to prevent the occurrence of ejectors. Attention is focusing on whether the strongest Monsters, who recorded two consecutive losses against high school students, will be able to wake up and change the stagnant team atmosphere, and whether they will be able to punish Busan High School for the first game.

The 51st episode of 'Ckmonsters' recorded an audience rating of 2.6% (provided by Nielsen Korea, based on paid households in the metropolitan area). The 52nd episode of 'The Strongest Baseball' will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on August 7th.

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia translated by google