Narae Park opened a meat pie shop in Jeonju
Narae Park opened a meat pie shop in Jeonju
Comedian Park Na-rae revealed her determination to work on 'Selling an Empty House 3'.

On the 31st, a press conference was held at MBC's Golden Mouse Hall in Sangam-dong, Seoul for the production of 'Season 3-Repair Repair Village Repair' (hereinafter referred to as 'Selling an Empty House 3').

'Vacant House Salae 3' is a program that presents a new model of urban regeneration that contributes to revitalizing the region by transforming four empty houses left in ruins by four celebrity managers in the background of Jeonju, a city of culture and tourism. They gathered their strength to regenerate the entire village of Palbok-dong, Jeonju, which was designated as a densely populated area of vacant houses.

PD Choi Won-jun said, "The criteria for recruiting cast members was personality. Park Na-rae is famous for interior design, Chae Jung-an has a lot of sense, Kim Min-seok has experience in the restaurant business, and Shindong has experience in self-employment." "he said.

What kind of stores do each of them run? Chae Jung-an said, "I thought it was important to get along with the locals, so I wrote 'Jeonkamase', a collection of omakase concepts."

Kim Min-seok explained, “I run a dessert cafe. PD Choi Won-joon introduced Shindong's restaurant as "a potted rice restaurant that is not vegetarian."

Park Na-rae explained, "I opened a meat pie house. It's a neat and relaxing cafe during the day with a 'daytime kabamba' feeling, and at night, I thought it would be nice to be a little bit better." It was good because it blended well with the neighborhood.”

He continued, "The PD said, 'I'll make you a Narae bar, so do whatever you want to do', so I did that. After opening the store, he said, 'I've done everything I wanted to do.'"

He added, "I think the reason why many people visit me a lot is that working hard is my biggest strength. I have a great desire for this program to go well. I keep thinking about how I can approach you and what kind of reactions will come."

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia translated by google