Jo Young-nam "Because I'm going to die, the value of the picture will go up later"
Jo Young-nam "Because I'm going to die, the value of the picture will go up later"
Jo Young-nam and Kim Soo-mi show off their unstoppable and dizzying Maramat chemistry from their long-standing friendship.

In the 42nd episode of tvN STORY 'The Village President's People', which airs at 8:20 pm on the 31st, Cecibong's Jo Young-nam appears as a guest.

The identity of the winner in the unknown black sedan that appeared in front of Kim Soo-mi, who was working alone in the organic vegetable garden that decorated the finale of the last episode 41, was Cecibong Jo Young-nam. The two, who are famous for being best friends, greet each other with a deep hug as soon as they meet. Jo Young-nam arouses curiosity by revealing that the reason for appearing in "The Chairman's People" was that he owed money to Kim Soo-mi, and that he came out to repay the favor.

Close friends Jo Young-nam and Kim Soo-mi, as soon as they met, said, “Have you had surgery? why are you so pretty Do you live alone?” They have unstoppable conversations and present Tiki-Taka from the other world. Kim Soo-mi was delighted to know the price of the picture gift she received from Jo Young-nam. In response, Jo Young-nam said, “Because I’m going to die? The value will increase later,” he responded, drawing laughter. Jo Young-nam continues to pour out stories that can only be told between close friends. However, Kim Soo-mi brings laughter by responding to Maramat's fastball along with crackdowns such as "I told you not to say that?"

Jo Hana's daily life while watching Lim Ho's musical performance 'Again, Zoo' is also revealed. In the play, her husband, Geum-dong, visited the theater with director Jang Geun-soo of 'The Country Diary' to support Im-ho. Director Jang Geun-soo was the one who cast the Geum-dong couple. The surprising behind-the-scenes story of casting Lim Ho for the role of Geum-dong and Hana Jo for the role of Geum-dong's wife, along with the reason for the appearance of the Geum-dong couple in 'Jeonwon Diary', will be revealed through the broadcast.

A romantic date between Ilyong Park Eun-soo and Bok-gil's mother Kim Hye-jeong also unfolds. Kim Hye-jung, who is happy to be on an outing after about 40 years, hums Hyun-i and Deok-i's "You like me, I like you" to Park Eun-soo and confesses her feelings. In response, Park Eun-soo said, “You should kiss me instead of just talking,” and the romantic atmosphere ripens.

Following Jo Young-nam, another member of C'est Si Bon is expected to appear. Episode 42 of 'Chairman's People', which features the marathon chemistry between Jo Young-nam and Kim Soo-mi, and the romantic chemistry between Ilyong-i Park Eun-soo and Kim Hye-jeong, Bok-gil's mother, will be aired on tvN STORY at 8:20 pm on the 31st. After that, you can meet every Monday at 8:20 pm on tvN STORY.

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia translated by google