Lee Jun-ho, who launched a helicopter to save Im Yoon-a, is reevaluated
Lee Jun-ho, who launched a helicopter to save Im Yoon-a, is reevaluated
Lee Jun-ho is leading the trend of the King Group inheritance war.

Gu-won (Lee Jun-ho), who has awakened as a general manager in the JTBC Saturday drama 'King the Land', is revolting against his older sister, Koo Hwa-ran (Kim Seon-young), fueling a ember in the King Group inheritance dispute. As the confrontation between Guo Guo and Gu Hwaran intensified, the heat of the inheritance war heated up.

Gu-won, who had no intention of managing the company, left for England, telling Gu Hwa-ran that he did not want to fight. She made a firm resolution not to return to Korea, but one day, her mother's greeting card from the King Hotel, which disappeared, arrived, and this resolution collapsed. In spite of Gu Hwa-ran's warning, Goo-won took office as the general manager of the King Hotel to find traces of his mother, and raised the beginning of the inheritance war.

Goo Hwa-ran committed the atrocities of manipulating questionnaires for a publicity live broadcast interview in order to touch the trauma and expel Gu-won back to England. As Ku Hwa-ran wanted, Gu Il-hoon (played by Son Byeong-ho), who had been traumatized, left during the live broadcast. Gu Hwa-ran knew that everything was Gu Hwa-ran's ruse, but he couldn't counterattack, causing bitterness.

The continued provocations of Gu Hwa-ran were enough to touch the temper of salvation, which had been silent. Salvation couldn't tolerate Goo Hwa-ran's actions of pursuing the company's profits rather than people's lives. Goo Hwa-ran laughed at the act of salvation to save one employee, but held a press conference to attribute all the credit to herself, and provoked anger by using angel angels.

However, Gu Hwa-ran's plan collapsed due to Cheon-rang's sincere desire to thank Gu-won. Public opinion went in a favorable direction for Gu Hwa-ran, but reporters recognized Salvation's presence. It even became a handshake for Goo Hwa-ran as Ku-won decided to increase his strength to protect his staff.

Guwon concluded the most important contract at the King Hotel and began to lay the groundwork for his position as general manager. Driven by the momentum, Guo Guo weakened Gu Hwaran's position by saying that he would directly organize the King Hotel's 100th anniversary celebration. Gu Hwa-ran also did not lose and tried to counterattack by filling the invitation list with his own people, but Guo-won hit the iron wall by inviting employees who had cultivated the roots of the King Hotel rather than political and business figures.

The idea of salvation, which presented the direction of the future with the people who made the King Hotel's past and present, received a warm response. Chairman Koo Il-hoon brought out the plan proposed by Han Mi-so, the mother of salvation in the past, and the employees took off their prejudice toward salvation and started a re-evaluation. In addition, Gu Hwa-ran's personal connections are cut off, and the flow of the inheritance war is flowing in a favorable direction for Gu-won.

However, Gu Hwa-ran's support base is still strong in the company, so Gu-won cannot be vigilant even for a moment. To make matters worse, the sense of crisis is heightened as Gu Hwa-ran is portrayed conciliating Noh Sang-sik (played by Ahn Se-ha), the secretary of salvation. Curiosity soars at the end of the King Group management war, whether salvation will be able to overcome Gu Hwa-ran's million-dollar army and claim the throne.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr
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