"I'm going to go crazy here" Hyeon-sook in the 9th class jealousy and gets angry
"I'm going to go crazy here" Hyeon-sook in the 9th class jealousy and gets angry
9th class Hyeon-sook showed jealousy and pouting towards the other female performers.

On the 27th, SBS PLUS ENA 'I'm SOLO', a spin-off entertainment show that expanded the worldview of 'I'm SOLO', 'I'm SOLO, After that Love Continues' (hereinafter referred to as 'Nasol Four Seasons') revealed everything from Young-sik's inner thoughts to the inner feelings of other cast members. It raised expectations for the future journey.

While having a drink, Yeong-shik from the 9th class called Hyeon-sook from the 13th class separately. When Young-shik asks for her height, Hyeon-suk says, “Why? Do you look like a little kid?” He laughed. Hyunsuk said, “Why did you call me? Did you take out the ice cream?”, causing laughter.

Young-shik actively asked Hyun-suk, "Then you don't like me at all?", and Hyun-sook replied, "It's not like that, it's not like that." Young-sik told Hyeon-suk, “When I saw it on the air, it seemed that I couldn’t have a conversation. Since I met him in person (it's completely different),” he mentioned that he had a good feeling.

Hyeon-sook of the 13th class returned to the dorm and talked to the girls, mentioning that Young-sik and Kung-jjak matched well. Youngshik in the 13th class also smiled, saying, "It's so fun to talk with Hyunsook." Youngsook of the 8th class who previously dated Hyeon-suk of the 13th class and Yeong-cheol of the 11th class “(Yeong-cheol of the 11th class) says that they use the system here, but it is literally a fishing ground. (The person I like) is said to be 5 people,” he said in anger.

Hyeon-sook also said, “We are dating, but we keep talking about those five people. I didn't want you to tell me it was just the two of us. (But) It's still 5 people. What is our time?”

While taking a walk with Gwang-soo, Hyeon-suk of the 9th class asked Kwang-soo what he was thinking, saying, "I ask everyone I meet. Who did you pick last night?" In response, Kwang-soo answered transparently, saying, “I chose Hyeon-sook first and Jeong-suk second,” even though Hyeon-suk was right in front of him.

In response, the MC expressed regret, saying, "Why are you so transparent?" Hyeon-suk was jealous of Gwang-soo, saying, "I lose my motivation the moment Jung-sook wears it." In response, Hyeon-suk said, "Jung-sook is very popular. It's annoying. There's no place I don't like. The moment I see Jeong-sook, I lose my motivation. From what I've seen, all men are chaste. I can't approach her because she's so pretty." .

After seeing Jung-suk's makeup, Hyun-suk said, "You're really good at makeup. There are people who do it at the shop and say they did it themselves.” Then, after Kwang-soo conveyed that he had feelings for Hyeon-suk, Jeong-suk received applause from the panelists by saying, “If Kwang-soo asks to talk, please decline.”

Hyeon-suk, who came out of the room, told Young-sik, “Your brother is popular. It's the male world's chastity. I'm going to play around here," he said, kicking his shoe. Upon hearing that she was preparing ramen for Jeong-sook, Hyeon-suk showed off her bad mood by saying, "I'm quite sensitive." Hyeon-suk expressed dissatisfaction, saying, "This is a special feature on the princess and Mussoo-ri."

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google