Comedian Kim Sook, inheritance declaration... "You are so cute"
Comedian Kim Sook, inheritance declaration... "You are so cute"
Comedian Kim Sook promises to inherit the legacy at her first meal with YouTuber Heebab.

On the 29th at 5pm on the Tcast E channel, 'I like rice on Saturday', the appearance of Kim Sook who fell in love with Hibab at the first meal together is revealed.

The second mukbang stop selected by PD Youngsik Lee for the members' first meal was budaejjigae. The members enjoy the cool and spicy taste of Budae Jjigae at the original Paju-style Budae Jjigae restaurant with 55 years of tradition.

The members' spoons and mouths become busy with the appearance of Budaejjigae, which is filled with seven types of sausages and an unfamiliar ingredient, crown daisy, in a clear and refreshing soup. Na-rae Park, who goes to restaurants and studies the secrets, savors only the soup separately and concentrates on researching what ingredients are used to make the taste.

Na-rae Park, who was looking for the secret to the taste of the broth, and Sook Kim, who focused on guessing various types of sausages. Hyun Joo-yeop is amazed at the members' passion for learning, which is a little different from before, and waits for the meal order to fall.

After the two older sisters' intense studies, it's finally meal time. As if he had been waiting, Hibab starts to shave the ramen noodles of budaejjigae. Na-rae Park, who was sitting across from him and eating, puts down the bowl for a while and enjoys Hibap's mukbang.

In particular, Kim Sook sees Hibap, who puts all the remaining budae stew in the bowl in front of her, and says, "It's so cool. I fell in love now."

Kim Sook, who fell in love with Hibab's charm, said, "I'm really going to inherit the legacy from you. What you're doing is so cute." Hearing this, Hyun Joo-yeop agrees with the youngest child's charm, saying, "I will fall in love with you even more by the time it's over."

The 55-year-old Budaejjigae, which even captivated Hyun Joo-yeop's taste when he said, "I don't like meat in the water," can be seen on 'I Like Rice on Saturday', which airs at 5 pm on the 29th.

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia translated by google