Chuu, goes on a fan-con tour in the Americas
Chuu, goes on a fan-con tour in the Americas
Singer Chu (25, real name Kim Ji-woo), a former member of the group Loona, finally won the lawsuit filed against her former agency to invalidate her exclusive contract, and will meet global fans through a fan-con tour in the Americas.

On the 28th, the agency ATRP announced, “CHU will hold the ‘2024 CHUU FAN-CON Strawberry Rush in AMERICAS’.”

Chuu plans to meet global fans in a total of 12 cities, including Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Santiago, Mexico City, and Sao Paulo, from July 17th to August 13th. This is the first performance in South America, including Chile, Brazil, and Mexico, since it was her solo debut, drawing even more attention. Previously, Chuu successfully completed his first US tour by holding '2023 Howl in USA' in December last year, and this is his second visit.

It is known that Chuu will deliver an unforgettable impression with deeper emotions as well as a lively live stage at the Americas Fan-Con Tour, raising the expectations of fans at home and abroad.

Chuu signed an exclusive contract with the new agency ATRP in April of last year and has been active as a solo singer and on various entertainment shows. They released their second mini album 'Strawberry Rush' on the 25th and are actively promoting.
Chuu, goes on a fan-con tour in the Americas
Chuu, goes on a fan-con tour in the Americas
Meanwhile, on the 27th, the 3rd Division of the Supreme Court (Chief Justice Noh Jeong-hee) confirmed the dismissal of the trial trial, which ruled in favor of the plaintiff in the appeal trial of Chuu's civil suit against Creative, Blockberry's former agency, confirming the ineffectiveness of the exclusive contract. As a result, Chuu ultimately won.

Chu, who had been in conflict with his former agency over issues such as profit settlement, filed a lawsuit against Blockberry Creative in December 2021 to invalidate his exclusive contract.

In the first trial, the court ruled in Chu’s favor. The court said, "Chu's entertainment activities generated net profits of approximately 860 million won from 2016 to September 2021, but if Blockberry Creative's profit sharing provisions are followed, the plaintiff cannot receive any settlement payment at all." there is.

Former Loona members Jeon Hee-jin, Kim Lip, Jeong Jin-sol, and Choerry also won the first trial of the exclusive contract lawsuit filed against Blockberry Creative.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google