Eunice feels popular in the Philippines
Eunice feels popular in the Philippines
Eunice feels popular in the Philippines
Eunice feels popular in the Philippines
Group UNIS has captured the Philippines.

Eunice (Jin Hyun-joo, Nana, Jelly Danka, Kotoko, Bang Yun-ha, Elysia, Oh Yoon-ah, Lim Seo-won) held the 'U&iS Fansign Philippine Tour' in Cebu and Manila, Philippines from the 4th to the 6th. We were together with the fans.

On the 4th, when the tour began in earnest, Eunice met with fans in Cebu. First, they had time to communicate closely with fans through an autograph session. The members welcomed fans with bright smiles and shared heartfelt communication. Eunice then heightened the enjoyment by performing the title songs 'SUPERWOMAN' and 'Whatchu Need'.

On the 5th and 6th, there was a lot of activity in Manila. For two days, Eunice spent special time with fans through autograph signings and performances of the title song, 'Dopamine', and 'Dream of girls'. In addition, they successfully completed the hectic promotion by meeting in person with Billboard Philippines and conducting an interview.

Throughout the tour, Eunice attracted a large number of fans. From the airport to the signing venue, there was no room for fans to step in to see Eunice. They did not stop there, but they also dominated real-time trends on Philippines

Local fans also gave off explosive cheers and sang along with Korean lyrics during the event, giving off a cheering atmosphere reminiscent of a concert.

Eunice said through her agency F&F Entertainment, "I can still vividly hear the fans' shouts and cheers. This was my first performance in the Philippines, and I am grateful for the happy memories I have. I hope this meeting will remain as a precious memory that you will remember for a long time. In the future, I hope that this meeting will remain as a precious memory for you all." “I will become Eunice who returns the favor with a great performance,” she said.

Eunice received an enthusiastic welcome on her first visit to the Philippines and solidified her position in the local market. The Philippines' interest in them was extraordinary even before their debut. Eunice has received strong support since her debut group was formed due to members Jellydanka and Elysia who are well-known locally.

Last April, the video for Filipino girl group BINI's 'Pantropiko' covered by Eunice attracted a lot of attention. Not only fans but also leading local media outlets focused on Eunice by giving special coverage to the cover news.

Eunice plans to continue her active activities around the world.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google