ATEEZ transforms into ice hockey player
ATEEZ transforms into ice hockey player
ATEEZ is back with a newer membership.

ATEEZ caught everyone's attention today (3rd) by announcing that they would renew and open the membership of their official fan club, ATINY.

In the membership teaser image released on the 28th, ATEEZ transformed into an ice hockey player and created a catchphrase that matched their character, causing over-immersion. In addition, they showed off their sporty looks with fresh visuals and made fans' hearts flutter.

In particular, it is said that ATEEZ members actively came up with ideas when deciding on uniform numbers and catchphrases, thought about topics that fans would like, and showed exceptional sense.

In addition, as shown in the image released today (3rd), ATEEZ presents a group photo with the same pose every time it opens a new membership every year, drawing fans' expectations and enthusiastic responses every time.

In this way, ATEEZ, which has returned with a renewed membership targeting fans' tastes, plans to communicate more closely and widely with fans around the world with various benefits and richer content.

ATEEZ, who announced their comeback with their 10th mini album 'GOLDEN HOUR: Part.1', is raising the comeback mood by sequentially releasing concept photos, and is holding a concert at Japan's largest music festival 'Summer Sonic 2024 (SUMMER SONIC 2024)' and Nippon TV's 'BEAT AX Vol.4', as well as many other festival appearances, and announced that they will continue their global activities.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ will release its 10th mini album 'Golden Hour: Part 1' at 1 PM on May 31.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google